For some reason it took my palette quite a long time to appreciate wine. A friend suggested I start with the sweeter whites and work my way up. I never looked back and soon discovered that my favorite is Pinot Noir. And even though I enjoy wine, I don’t know much about them and when trying to select a decent one at the local grocery store or wine shop I’m at a loss. Luckily, the good folks from Applied Ambiguities have launched their Wine Info app. It truly is like having a sommelier in your pocket.
No, thats not some sort of Dr. Suess cousin to the Wocket. It’s like a wine butler who offers wine novices and enthusiasts the ultimate guide to all-things wine.
When you launch the Wine Info app make sure to enable the location function, which automatically pops up so that the app can bring you local tips and locate local wine hot spots. After the app launches it brings you to the start page where you can select more info on the day’s specials, browse wines and find a local wine bar or shop. One I found that I didn’t know was near me was Evergreen Wine Cellars. I’ve since checked it out and it has an amazing selection of wines and offers weekly wine tastings.
I believe the best feature of the Wine Info app is its encyclopedia-like amount of information on wine. This is very helpful when trying to locate where a wine is from or discovering new wines. You can easily get to this section from the home tab and select on browse wines. There you can select from countries, top countries, all regions, top regions, all varietals and top varietals.
Did you know that Argentina produces over 16,o00 different wines and that Mendoza accounts for nearly two-thirds of Argentina’s entire wind production in the foothills of the Andes. Wow. When you do find a wine, such as a Malbec from Argentina, you can tap it for more information, which also includes the Wikipedia link.
Another great feature is the ability to link your CellarTracker account to track your ratings, purchases and wish list. Of course, you can also link to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. The compare tab is another essential function of the app where it lets you check out several wine selections and compare costs, ratings, regions and a lot more.
For its plethora of wine information for the novice and veteran wine lover, the Wine Info app is an essential addition to your wine arsenal. But watch out, you may find yourself wanting to book a ticket to your favorite wine region after using this app. A votre sante.