Craft projects are one way to help ward off summer boredom and Disney’s Family Fun Magazine has long been a source of ideas for all ages and skill levels. Conveniently enough, there’s now an app for that. With the release of Craft Finder: Great Crafts from Disney Family Fun earlier this year, the folks at Family Fun pulled together a variety of projects and “crafted” a free app that lets users browse by age, category, and time commitment.
Craft Finder includes a wide variety of craft ideas for toddlers to tweens and includes categories ranging from holidays to every day. Examples include a painted rock playset, garden bird bath, decorated flip flops and trading card carriers. While Craft Finder will display craft selections based on three different criteria, the same crafts can be found on the Family Fun website.
The advantage to having the Craft Finder app is the ability to save selected crafts to your “craft box” and also create a quick shopping list for acquiring materials.
Though the shopping list is convenient for craft planning, the app itself should be considered merely an ancillary of the parent website. The Craft Finder app is an easy and quick way to let children choose projects and inspire craftiness, but has its limitations.
The directions included are the same as those on the website, but neither source displays visual aids beyond the finished project. There are no pictures of the projects in progress and some of the more challenging ones could use them.
The biggest drawback to the Craft Finder app, preventing it from being a stand-alone craft guide, is the inability to even stretch and zoom on the finished project photo. Some projects are a no-brainer and don’t require much in the way of visual help, but others will require a closer look and thus, a visit to the website.
Even though the Craft Finder app has its visual shortcomings, it does serve as a nice mobile ancillary to Disney’s Family Fun craft site. Parents can let kids browse apps while running mundane errands and keeping appointments and reward them for their patience with a project at home.
Having a materials list is handy for shopping and an email function is equally handy for groups like summer daycare and camp instructors.
Craft Finder: Great Crafts from Disney’s Family Fun is a tiny bit of magazine marketing, but is primarily a nice free and inspirational way to help kids get their craft on. With school letting out for the summer, it should prove to be a little help for parents and even get a little extra mileage when the trio of big holidays arrive this fall.
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