Imagine you just snuck out of your window, stole your dad’s sweet Gremlin and headed out for a night at the roller rink. While you are there you manage to finagle a slow-skate opportunity out of a young roller queen. After the slightly uncomfortable lap in which you argue over who has to skate backward, the merits of Midnight Star’s musicianship, and how much longer you are able to hold her up by her underarms, you head to the rest room to wash the sweat off of your hands and get your game-face on. This is precisely the moment that Crazy Disco might be useful. The thing is, you don’t want Crazy Disco actually playing when women are within earshot. Let’s just say Crazy Disco’s tunes are less “Bee Gees” and more “Ron Jeremy.” I was expecting to hear a moan or two, but it never came to pass. The disco ball effect on the screen would be a far-out addition to your iPhone if it were a screen saver that didn’t waste your battery and take up room on your drive. Touching the ball speeds up or slows down the music. Wooooohooooo! That’s about the entire functionality of the app. My official stance on Crazy Disco is, “cool but not groovy.” Download it, play with it, forget about it.