With a great deal of success under their belts, Digital Chocolate continues to roll out iPhone games in the App Store. In the process, they must have seen some potential for increased success by adding a sequel to their award-winning, high-ranking Crazy Penguin Catapult.
Crazy Penguin Catapult 2 is now available and if you loved the first one, you’ll probably feel the same about the continuation of the crazy penguin’s arctic adventures.
To those who are familiar with the original, Crazy Penguin Catapult 2 will be familiar. Very familiar. Though it contains newly designed levels and new power ups available by earning stars, Crazy Penguin Catapult 2 has the same look and feel as the first. You try to earn the maximum number of penguins for your army by catapulting them into each level and then knock out the polar bears. Some levels are easy, but a few will require full penguin capacity to beat.
Crazy Penguin Catapult 2 and its predecessor are both fun games with a “cool” premise and great sound effects coupled with entertaining gameplay. Crazy Penguin Catapult 2 features 50 new levels and power ups to help defeat the polar bears, including drill penguin, Houdini penguin and grenade penguin. In addition to the familiar campaign mode gameplay, Crazy Penguin Catapult 2 also features strategy mode, the game where you strategically attempt to win all squares on a map in a series of penguin-polar bear face offs.
Though it should have been easy for something new and different to have been added to Crazy Penguin Catapult 2, be it a new mini-game or a different type of strategy game, to really set it apart from the original, it remains a near mirror to the first in all but actual level design. Users do get a bit of respect as Crazy Penguin Catapult 2 is available for two bucks less than the original launch price of the first version, but it would have been crazy to ask for more.
Those of you who adored Crazy Penguin Catapult will surely appreciate Crazy Penguin Catapult 2 and those who have never played can check out a lite version of either for free. In some cases, familiarity breeds contempt, but its hard to hate either version of Crazy Penguins. You get better power ups with Crazy Penguin Catapult 2, but both versions offer casual, entertaining on-the-go fun.