Looking for an unbiased Royal Q review? Well, then you have reached the right place!. In this review, we have covered the features and settings guide for Royal Q Robot. According to its marketers this Mobile app is specially designed to make crypto trading fast, effective and hassle-free as claimed by its marketers .
The Royal Q platform marketers claims that this platform uses AI to help invest in cryptocurrency, based on the market situation by simply connecting my cryptocurrency exchange such as Binance or Huobi. 
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Important ## Government of the Philippines has published a warning stating to STOP INVESTING in the investment scheme being offered by ROYAL Q/ROYAL Q GLOBAL/ROYAL Q MOBILE APP/ROYAL QUANTITY INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT CO., LIMITED, and its representatives

Check the article here: https://www.sec.gov.ph/advisories-2021/royal-q-royal-q-global-royal-q-mobile-app-royal-quantity-investment-management-co-limited/

Those who act as salesmen, brokers, dealers or agents of ROYAL Q/ROYAL Q GLOBAL/ROYAL Q MOBILE APP/ROYAL QUANTITY INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT CO., LIMITED, in selling or convincing people to invest in the investment scheme being offered by the said entity including soliciting investments or recruiting investors through the internet may be held criminally liable under Section 28 of the SRC and penalized with a maximum fine of Five Million Pesos (Php5,000,000.00) or imprisonment of Twenty One (21) years or both pursuant to Section 73 of the SRC (SEC vs. Oudine Santos, G.R. No. 195542, 19 March 2014)

The AI Robot of the Royal Q which is created by a Chinese Company – We could not find more of its details!
The Royal Q AI Robot many users reported profits per month- but there is No Authenticity yet!

There are certain traders group and trade settings with Royal Q which has reported gains but please not fall into MLM Gurus claims saying You can be the next Billionaire with Royal Q or statement about SHIBA INU or Dogecoin.

Many of you who lands on and read this review may have Zero knowledge about Crypto trading. So before you invest in Shiba INU and Other coins please do your due diligence about those coins fundamentals and avoid buying in rumours and half knowledge.

The Whole MLM thing like V1 to V6 seems created by some marketers and we are not sure the MLM structure is SCAM but there is No real Background of the founders of Royal Q. So It seems that this MLM Structure to the Royal Q is created by some Indian/ Asian MLM Gurus and it may not be created by the official software founders.

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What Is Royal Q Company? 

According to the marketers, the Royal Q is a mobile app created for improving financial management by analyzing the current market situation. The marketers claim that it has an easy-to-use interface that is accessed by binding my Binance or Huobi Exchange APIs and then choosing the currency and strategy style. The tools provide tracking as well as monitoring of big data algorithms in real-time and quantitative strategy for maximizing or stopping profits.
Royal Q App Review
Marketers further claim that the Royal Q uses AI-based algorithms for 24*7 intelligent tracking, execution of strategies, and analysis and processing of data. Also, Royal Q Robot offers multiple technical strategies ranging from built-in opening positions tracking to tail order stop profit. The Royal Q website has an interface and is free to download from the App Store or Play Store. You can also watch the numerous videos on “How to use” on the official Royal Q website and get a firm understanding of the tool. 

How Does Royal Q Work And Why should You Choose?

Important Points Of Royal Q

  • Royal Q Quantitative Trading 

After selecting the corresponding investment style, the quantitative system by Royal Q company-match corresponding quantitative strategies that are relevant to the market. The platform also provided an option to change the strategy of operation in real-time. The Royal Q system offers real-time monitoring for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
According to its creators, users with no prior trading experience can also generate profits by using the quantitative robot. Furthermore, the Royal Q Robot can adapt to changing market conditions and guided me through the bulls and bears. Royal Q company also provided me with multiple courses ranging from quantitative-related knowledge to quantitative robot usage to understand the platform better.

Royal Q Cryptocurrency Trading 

Royal Q Company has an Ai-driven Robot that trades in crypto automatically. The Robot does not provide rise or drop in the market but responds to them. Traders are able to change the trading parameters of the Robot in the trade settings section. 

What Are The Royal Q Rewards And Compensation Plans? Know Everything Here. 

After becoming a member of the Royal Q company, In order to take part in their lucrative reward program and earn extra. Royal Q Robot offers rewards and compensation every time a new user starts using the platform from your referral. There are six different types of rewards

  • Royal Q V1: After your referral registers and buys the membership, you get a $30 compensation along with 20% team rewards. 
  • Royal Q V2: To get this, you need to refer to 3 V1’s along with 20 net members. Upon completion, you get a compensation of $40 for every direct push along with 30% team rewards. 
  • Royal Q V3: To get this reward, you need to have 5 direct pushes, and at least 3 of them should be V2’s along with 100 plus net members. Then you will get $50 for every direct push as well as 40% team rewards. 
  • Royal Q V4: To get this, you need to have at least 8 direct pushes of which 3 should be V3’s, along with 300 net members. Upon completion, you will get a compensation of $60 for every direct push as well as 50% team rewards. 
  • Royal Q V5: For this reward, you need to have 12 direct pushes in which at least 3 should be V4’s, and 800 net members. Then you will get $65 for every direct push as well as 55% team rewards. 
  • Royal Q V6: The final reward program requires at least 20 direct pushes of which at least 3 of them should be V5’s, along with 1500 net Royal Q members. After that, you will get an award of $70 for every direct push and 60% team rewards. 

How to Register With Royal Q AI Robot? Steps to Signup Explained!

Royal Q App Account Registration
From the Royal Q App invitation link you will be redirected to the online Royal Q registration page.
Step 1: First, you have to type your  email address to get a verification code. After that, paste the link and moved to the next step of typing in a password and clicking register. 
Step 2: On the next page, You could see the official Royal Q App available for download. After installing the app, Use the email and password to login into the Royal Q Account. 
Royal Q Account Activation For Trading Purposes
Step 1: First, traders had to log in and activate the app by clicking the “Mine” button located in the right corner. 
Step 2: Then select the “Asset” button located on the third line, and the screen will display “withdraw”, “transfer” and “deposit” options. Then finally, select “Deposit” to copy the crypto wallet address for my Royal Q account. 
Step 3: In the initial stage, the recommended deposit should be a minimum of 140 USDT. Next, select your country and click “Activate” in the next window. 

Binding My Royal Q Account With The Binance Account

To start trading, you need to link the Binance or Huobi account to the Royal Q account. 
Step 1: First head to your Binance account and selected “More” on the homepage. Then you have to access the API Management section to create a new API key. 
Step 2: After that, you have to check only the “Enable Reading” as well as the “Enable Spot and Margin Trading” option. 
Step 3: After sliding down on the page, you had to paste your Royal Q IP address, select the Restrict access option and click confirm.
Step 4: Next, you have to copy my API keys along with the secret keys and head to the Royal Q account. After selecting API binding on the homepage, You need to pick my Binance exchange and paste the keys. ‘
Step 5: By selecting “Send”, a verification code was sent to your email address. After completing the verification, click the risk box then Bind. 
Step 6: Finally, to start trading, you have to select Quantitative on the Royal Q company’s homepage and pick the pair you wanted the Robot to trade on your behalf.

Binding a Royal Q Account With Huobi Exchange

Step 1: Open the Royal Q Autotrader and log in to the account. Next click mine, then select API exchange and click on Huobi, then minimize. 
Step 2: After that, open your Huobi account in the browser, click on your avatar and select API management.  
Step 3: Add a custom note, tick the “trade” option. 
Step 4: Switch to the Royal Q Robot and copy the IP. Paste the ID on the Huobi page in the given section and click create. 
Step 5: Check the risk warming and complete the security verification.
Step 6: The Huobi window will then show an access key and a security key. One by one copy both of them, switch to the Royal Q Robot and paste it in their respective sections.
Step 7: Lastly, complete the second verification, check risk warming and click the “BIND” button to connect your Huobi account. 

How To Change Royal Q Trade Settings

Step 1: To go to the trade setting for the Royal Q Robot, You have to click on my Binance pair in the app. 
Then I got the following options:

  1. First Buy-In Amount: Amount for starting the trade. 
  2. Open Position Doubled: Checking this section will double your initial amount for buy-in along with margin calls you will purchase. 
  3. Margin Call Limit: This indicates the total number of times the Robot will purchase coins during a market drop after you are in the trade. 
  4. Whole Position Take Profit Ratio: The Robot will sell automatically for me if the percentage mentioned is reached. 
  5. Whole Position Take Profit Callback: The Robot will not sell instantly if the set profit percentage is reached, and will sell if there is a small decrease in it.
  6. Margin Configuration: This refers to how many times the Robot will buy extra at my initial buy-in amount when the market drops by the set percentage.
  7. Buy In Callback: This is the percentage at which the Robot will purchase again after you first take profit. 

Note: The trade setting of the Royal Q ROBOT is different for every crypto trader. 

Is Royal Q Company A Scam?

Royal Q App may not be a scam but the marketing that is done for Royal Q is marked as PONZI scheme by the Philippines Government. 

Customer Reviews Of Royal Q Company? Are They Positive? 

Royal Q App
Royal Q Robot has received a lot of positive reviews, customers love the easy integration and automatic robot features of the app. Numerous users like the simplicity of the robot to make profits automatically have left many positive reviews on the Apps Google Play store pages. Moreover, Some customers also reported minor network issues, and others requested new features, updates, and more. 


If you are from India and looking to Join a trusted crypto exchange then read our CoinDCX review here.

Royal Q Robot: Prices & Where To Buy It

Royal Q charges 120 USDT for annual membership and 20 USDT for gas fuel rate. To download the robot, simply head toward the play or app store on your android or IOS device and download the original Royal Q app. Beware, there are fakes on the app store and also avoid signing up from fake Royal q review sites. 
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Conclusion – Is Royal Q App worth buying?

Royal Q is marketed as a legit automatic crypto trader system with a minimal annual fee. However, the MLM structure of this Robot makes it a PONZI Scheme. So it’s best advised to stay away from Royal Q’s MLM plans !!

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