The Crypto Coven NFT was first launched on October 31st with a pre-sale collection of 3,333 NFTs. The creators call this special day “The light of the moon reflected a mystic night on which the witches arrive”. With the launch of the Crypto Coven, the NFT space was now officially into a spooky atmosphere with witches and their witchcraft. 

Read more about Crypto Coven NFT to know more about the witches roaming around the virtual world. You will also come across the types of witches available in the project, a guide on how to mint, their rollout strategy, and of course, their roadmap. 

Overview Of Crypto Coven NFT: 

Total Items 9.8K
Owners 4.7K
Crypto Coven NFT Pre-Sale Mint Price 0.05 ETH
Crypto Coven NFT Mint Price (Public Sale) 0.07 ETH
Crypto Coven NFT Floor Price 2.47 ETH
Volume Traded 6.1K ETH

(The above statistical information stands valid as of February 9, 2022)

Trick Or Treat, The Story Of The Witches At Crypto Coven 

The moon whispers, “’tis the season of Witches”. Wandering around the weird wilds, courageously they dance living in the in-between. As an all-in-one, they own the Milky Way and in the NFT world, they are collectors, curators, and also equal admirers of rubies and refuse. With their witchcraft, they can choose to go anywhere. And as we see them evolve, they only grow stronger. 

It is time for you to become a Witch. On a lighter note, it is quite fun and an extraordinary role. Crypto Coven NFTs are built on the Ethereum blockchain and have a myriad of pixels. There are different Archetypes of Power in Crypto Coven- Enchantresses, Hags, Mages, Necromancers, Occultists, and Seers. By owning and becoming a witch, you are all unique and you can avail yourself of the treasures and benefits and take them with you to any web3 destination. 

All the witches roaming around in the Metaverse are rare. As per, Crypto Coven NFT rarity score is 82996.81 for the witch with the highest rarity. 

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Witches Rollout & More About Crypto Coven Rollout Plans


Overview Of Crypto Coven NFT
Source: cryptocoven. xyz

Crypto Coven NFT has a well-designed rollout plan that has been laid out in a very concise manner. 

From conducting a fair and transparent distribution, ensuring access for people in their community to favouring humans over bots, they have indeed created a one-of-a-kind witch world. So, how is it fair? These NFTs are unveiled in weekly batches so that people do not select witches on the basis of rarity. 

Starting with Crypto Coven Pre-Sale, on October 31, 2021, 3333 witches were available for active members. One could mint up to 3 witches. If you are a part of this active members community, congratulations on making it to their pre-sale. 

This was followed by a public mint on December 4, 2021. Up to 3 witches could be purchased during the public sale, and this includes any Crypto Coven NFTs minted during pre-sale. 

Besides all these, 250 witches have been reserved for gifts. The core team (High Witches) and Contributors (Acolytes) will have access to a self-designed witch. 

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Until They Wander, What’s The Plan? 


Crypto Coven NFT is a project that strives to add an odd and fancy tint to the web. Let us see how this project will encourage the witches towards exploring their own corner in the universe. 

The journey towards the weird wild starts. Initially, the coven will be formed on the Ethereum blockchain. Once you acquire a witch NFT, you will be able to interact with the world’s eccentricities. 

Once all the witches are revealed, the team will shed light on the map of the weird wilds. Only Witches will have access to this map. 

The Crypto Coven NFT roadmap also includes the birth of the second generation of witches on the accessible layer 2 platforms. This is done to give easier access to the NFTs for those who can’t access the mainnet. With this, if you already have the first layer Crypto Coven NFTs you will have the freedom to choose a new appearance. 

The world of witches is unpredictable yet thrilling. The team has curated a world that is haunted, beautiful, and unusual. This has certainly raised my curiosity, and I hope it has raised yours too. Join their speculative world and be a part of exploring and understanding the weird wilds together. 

Crypto Coven NFTs Growth, Sales, And Price Predictions 

Crypto Coven NFT Mint Price
Source: cryptocoven. xyz

Since the initial launch, the growth of Crypto Coven NFTs didn’t skyrocket. However, from January 2022, the number of sales has tremendously increased. As of February 3, 2022, the all-time average price stands at 0.8488 ETH. 

Considering that the sales have been increasing, Crypto Coven NFT price prediction exhibits an increase in price owing to the rise in demand. 

“How To Buy” & Sell Crypto Coven NFTs


Minting a Crypto Coven NFT might seem like a tedious process, but once you get a hold of it, you are all ready! 

To keep up with the wild and spooky environment, we have a spell on how to Buy Crypto Coven NFT. 

  1. Go to the official website
  2. On the top right, click on “Connect Wallet”.
  3. You can then click on Mint on the homepage. 
  4. However, now that all the witches have been claimed, you can either go to Crypto Coven NFT OpenSea or Zora page. 
  5. Select the number of NFTs that you want to mint. 
  6. Within a minute or two, your transaction gets completed. You can view your NFT collection in your wallet. 
  7. For this Crypto Coven project, you also have an option to mint through Etherscan (more of an advanced process). 


You are a witch now, and you have magic in your broom. Walk around like a not-so-scary witch, and check out all the treasures and rewards that lie ahead in your journey. Their world of words will drive you closer. So, what are you waiting for? 

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