Are you looking for a WazirX App review? Check out my detailed review for Wazirx & How to buy and sell crypto with WazirX App from India.

From the exchange of cryptocurrency in India to getting an advanced interface for trading, WazirX offers a range of features perfect for trading digital assets such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash.

Fiat to Crypto conversion, Smart Token Fund, quick 5 step account opening process and multiple layers of security makes WazirX App is a safe and reliable platform. The process of buying, selling, withdrawing and depositing crypto and funds is convenient and available across the web,  Windows, Mac and via WazirX App for android and ios
That’s all from now, read this WazirX App review further and at the end, you will have a firm understanding of this crypto exchange. 

WazirX App Overview: Review of Important Features 

Wazirx-Review 2021
WazirX App is a platform to buy, sell and trade-in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and many more.  It also provides a powerful and easy interface containing real-time charting, deposit and withdrawals, open order books, history and more features to perform lucrative trading in digital assets. 

What Is WAZIRX App? Is it India’s No. 1 Bitcoin Exchange? 

WAZIRX Bitcoin Exchange
Containing a system of Live Open Order Book, the exchange is a platform that allows you to trade in numerous digital assets including Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dash and Bitcoin Cash. You can either deposit or withdraw the cryptocurrencies, or even cash in/out USDT by using P2P. The process is swift, easy and your digital assets are secured and stored in WazirX wallet. 

What Is WazirX P2P Feature? 

What Is Wazirx P2P
With zero fees, the WazirX auto-matching P2P engine is a safe and reliable method to purchase and sell Bitcoins straight away with the bank account. It is also a  swift, cost-effective and hassle-free method for Fiat to Crypto conversion.

WAZIRX P2P is an efficient platform that acts as an escrow and allows you to convert your money to crypto, or convert your crypto to money immediately. It ensures the safekeeping of transactions and assists the buyers and sellers to carry out convenient trading.

For Sellers to place an order, the auto-matching feature will find you the buyer in no time. Then after your consent of receiving the payment, WazirX will then transfer the USDT to the buyer.

For Buyer, after you place the order, the auto-matching feature will connect you to the seller immediately and after the seller confirms receiving your payment, then WAZIRX App will transfer the Escrowed USDT.

Benefits like quick auto-matching, XID available for traders, zero transaction fee had made WazirX make $18 M+ P2P trades till now.  

What Is the WazirX STF Platform?  Smart Token Fund Features Explained 

What is WazirX STF
Smart Token Fund or STF is a simple way of connecting the investors with the traders. The WazirX STF platforms provide a transparent, simple, and method to grow your portfolios in trading.

For an investor, the STF makes it easier to manage a crypto portfolio by passing it on to an STF Trader and letting them handle it.

For traders, it allows you to create your own Smart Token and let other investors purchase it. STF Trader effectively handles portfolios of the investors and aids in increasing the value of the token by making profits through trade. Also, to book profits the investors can sell Smart Tokens.

To simplify the process, the dashboard contains a list of Smart Token Funds STFs available on the WazirX website. Moreover, the dashboard also offers information regarding trading strategies and portfolio allocation, helping you choose the right STF. 

WAZIRX App Important Features / Advantages

The best in class security in WazirX App makes it a reliable and secure exchange platform. Regular security audits are conducted to avoid unsecured trading. It takes a few hours for the identity verification systems to successfully process your KYC.

Also, high-speed transactions can manage millions of transactions and the system infrastructure is able to scale up in an instant to match the growing demand.

The powerful and streamlined trading is available across all platforms including web/browser-based, WazirX App for Android and iOS devices and Windows and Mac application for desktop users.

Carrying out trading is prompt and uses premium-quality built-in technology which is used by millions of users to perform lucrative trading. Including useful features such as graphs and tools, WazirX is built by blockchain believers who understand your requirements. WazirX App also has the world’s first P2P exchange with auto order matching. 

Other features include WazirX referral programs that offer a 50% commission on every trade your reference carries out on the WazirX platform.

WazirX App also allows foreign nationals to create an account and there are coupons rewarded to the new as well as existing customers who join the platform. There are WazirX coupons with instant rewards and there are conditional coupons that you will be able to use after doing some activities, according to the eligibility criteria. Also, it takes about 24 hours to get the rewards credited to your WazirX App account.

Who Are The Creators Of WazirX App India?

Who Are The Creators Of WazirX
After an arduous all-night coding session, Nischal Shetty from India founded Crowdfire. A renowned blockchain influencer and also listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 list, Nischal is followed by more than 50K connections on Twitter who support him on his mission towards a successful blockchain revolution.  

Siddharth Menon also co-founded Crowdfire and is the head product at Wazirx. Siddharth’s ingenious approach to trading helped him create the first auto-order matching P2P exchange in the world. He is a staunch supporter of an open and decentralised economy. 

Apart from this, Binance, the largest crypto exchange, acquired WazirX App to reinforce the trending blockchain ecosystem in India. The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao is committed to offering new financial technologies in the country for promoting safe and effective exchange.

An extensive range of major traders from across the world are available on Binance, and the acquisition with WazirX crypto exchange for the proven peer to peer exchange technology will drive widespread adoption of fiat ramps. 

How To Open Account With WazirX Crypto Exchange App from India? 

WazirX App has a quick 5 step process to open an account and finish your verification

Step 1: Homepage
Click on the Sign-Up button on the homepage located in the top right corner. 
How To Open Account With WazirX
Step 2 – Set Email ID and Password With WazirX App : 
Choose an email ID that you will use to log in and receive information from the WazirX company. Then set a strong password, at least 6 characters and a maximum of 64 characters. It is recommended to mix the password with a special character such as @, #, $, %, or ^, along with numerics.
Set Email ID and Password In Wazirx
Step 3-  Email Verification With WazirX India: 
You will receive an email for verification on the email ID you mentioned. Open the mail and click on the “Verify” button and it will lead you straight to the WazirX website, finishing the verification process. Also, the verification email link will only be applicable to click within 15 minutes, if you miss it, then you can resend the verification link. 
Step 4 WazirX App Mobile Verification: 
After verifying, it is highly recommended to set up Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA, for better security. Then enter your mobile number without the country code if you are using WazirX India and you will receive an SMS with an OTP.
Enter the same OTP inside the verification area and click verify to finish the process. 
Email Verification For Wazirx
Step 5 – Fill in the WazirX App KYC Forms: 
You can fill in the KYC detail or skip for now. Skipping KYC would result in only being able to just deposit and trade cryptos in your account. Completing the KYC letter is also an option and then you will be able to withdraw and deposit cryptos, trade and use P2P. 
The KYC Details In Wazirx
You will need to submit your Name ( as mentioned in the document), Date of Birth ( in DD/MM/YYYY format), Address ( full address listed in the documents) and scanned copies or photos of your documents depending upon the country you selected. All of this along with your photograph. 
Personal Verification For Wazirx
Double-check the information before clicking the submit button. 
Double Check The Information

For Opening A Company/Partnership/Corporate/HUF/LLP Account With WazirX India

Step 1: Sign up on WazirX App
Step 2: Fill In the KYC Details

  • Name Name of your Company/Partnership/Corporate/HUF/LLP, exactly as it appears on the PANcard from India. 
  • Date: Type the date of Formation or Incorporation, exactly as it appears on PAN. Note, if the entity is under 18, mention the date of birth of the authorized individual.
  • Address: Type the registered Company/Partnership/Corporate/HUF/LLP address.

Step 3: PAN Details for Indians:
All the PAN details should be with a PDF or JPEG file for proof.

  • Company PAN 
  • Type your LLP PAN 
  • Type your Partnership firm PAN 
  • Type your HUF firm’s PAN

Step 4: Aadhar, Passport or Driving License for Indians

  • Type the full CIN mentioned in the “Passport Number” field
  • Upload Incorporation Certificate PDF file and signed Authority Letter 


  • Type of full 7-digit LLPIN mentioned in the “Passport Number” field
  • Upload Incorporation Certificate PDF file and signed Authority Letter 


  • Type your Udyog Aadhaar number mentioned in the ‘Passport Number’ field. 
  • Upload Registration Certificate issued by the Registrar of Firms and your GST registration certificate.


  • Type the Aadhaar number of Karta of HUF in 
  • Upload PDF and upload a copy of cancelled cheque with the name of the HUF

Step 5: Upload Selfie/ Photo Section

  • Company: Selfie of anyone Director holding the company’s PAN card
  • LLP: Selfie of one of the partners holding the firm’s PAN card
  • Partnership: Selfie of one of the partners holding the firm’s PAN card 
  • HUF: Selfie of Karta of HUF holding the PAN along with HUF PAN card

Step 6: Email Details and Video
Send WazirX an email on [email protected] with a few details- 

  • Registered email address on WazirX 
  • A KYC video of the person, Karta, Director or Partner holding their Company, Firm or HUF’s PAN along with his/her own pan, one after another. The details should be clear and the person has to read out a text in the video. The text is

I <Name> having PAN No <>, recording this video on <today’s date> for KYC verification of my Corporate account of <Company/ Firm/ HUF name> having PAN number <Company/ Firm/ HUF PAN> on WazirX cryptocurrency exchange. The registered email address of my Company/ Firm/ HUF is <Email ID>. Me and my Company/ Firm/ HUF will be fully responsible and sole owner of all the trades, deposits, and withdrawals on this WazirX account.”
Step 7: Finally, email the information to [email protected] after you have completed the signup process 

How To Buy Bitcoin On WazirX App In India 

Buy Bitcoin Using UPI

  • Step 1: Click on the Funds button located in the top bar 
  • Step 2: The under the INR ₹ Indian Rupee (INR), click on the deposit button under the action centre
  • Step 3: Then select the Instant deposit with UPI option
  • Step 4: Then you will have to link your UPI ID to the account. For hassle-free verification, the WazirX account name you mention should be the same name listed in the UPI Banking system
  • Step 5: After completing the verification, type the amount you want to deposit 
  • Step 6: Check your UPI app on your mobile and complete the process. Your deposit will be done immediately. 
  • Step 7: Lastly, once you get the INR balance in your funds on WazirX, then visit the INR markets including ETH/INR, BTC/INR, XRP/INR or WRX/INR and many more to place the buy order.

Buy Bitcoin Using Exchange on WazirX Website

To buy Bitcoin or any other cryptos, first, you need to deposit the fund/ INR in your WazirX India account. For instant deposit options, you will have to 
Step 1: Click on the Funds button located in the top bar 
Funds Button On Wazirx
Step 2: The under the INR ₹ Rupee (INR), click on the deposit button under the action centre
Deposit Funds With Wazirx
Step 3: Then enter your bank details to link your bank account. The name you mentioned should match your WazirX account name. 
Step 4: Click on the Instant Deposit button.
Step 5: Then you will see the bank details of the WazirX App and then you can transfer funds using IMPS/NEFT/RTGS.
Step 6: After the transfer is successfully completed, your deposit will be immediately credited to your account on WazirX. 
Step 7: Lastly, once you get the INR balance in your funds on WazirX, then visit the INR markets including ETH/INR, BTC/INR, XRP/INR or WRX/INR and many more.
How To Buy Order In Wazirx
Step 8: To place the buy order, fill in the amount and price and click on the BUY BTC button. 
Buy BTC Using Wazirx

WazirX App Deposit Options for Indians

You can add Funds/INR into your WazirX wallet using IMPS, UPI, NEFT or RTGS options

  • UPI: After a successful UPI status, it takes about a couple of hours for the deposit to reflect in your WazirX account.
  • IMPS/NEFT/RTGS: For IMPS/NEFT/RTGS, it will take a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 7 banking days for the deposits to reflect. 

You can withdraw funds from your account on WazirX India App and transfer them to your linked Bank account. For withdrawing

  • Step 1: Click on the Funds button located in the top bar 
  • Step 2: The under the INR ₹ Rupee (INR), click on Withdraw button under the action centre

Deposit Funds With Wazirx

  • Step 3: Next, if your bank account is already linked, the page will skip this step. If not, then you will have to enter your bank details and link them.
  • Step 4: Then type the Amount and Optional Remarks and click on the Withdraw button.

Instant withdrawals are processed immediately. On the other hand, depending on which bank you have, it takes a couple of hours to 72 hours for settling the NEFT withdrawals. 

WazirX App Fees in India

WazirX Deposit Fees for Indians

  • There are payment processors to credited amounts immediately. The fees for Deposits for different methods are listed on the INR deposit page. Also, the deposit fee is inclusive of all taxes. Also, there is a minimum deposit limit of Rs 100 and no maximum limit.

WazirX Apps Withdrawal Fee for Indians
WazirX instant withdrawals are due to the payment processors which have charges.

  • For Instant withdrawals, the charges are 10 INR/withdrawal, inclusive of all taxes.
  • And for NEFT withdrawals, the charges are 5 INR/withdrawal, inclusive of all taxes

Other Fee from India for WazirX App

Also, for cryptocurrency withdrawal fees ( e.g. 1 BTC ), from one wallet to another, a fee will be deducted (0.0005 BTC). Therefore, after the transfer is complete, you will receive 1 BTC – 0.0005 BTC (charges) = 0.9995 BTC

WazirX Apps KYC Process to Follow from India

To complete your KYC  from India- Follow the steps below. 
Step 1: Click on the Verify KYC option, located under the Account Settings menu or you can click on the Complete KYC by choosing your country from the dropdown.
Step 2: Fill in the following details 

  • Name: Type your name, exactly as it appears on the KYC document. 
  • Date of Birth: In DD/MM/YYYY format, type your DOB. Also, you must be 18 years or above to open an account with WazirX Crypto App.
  • Address: Type the full address, exactly as it appears on the KYC document. There are separate boxes for City, State and PIN Code.
  • Documents: Depending upon the country you selected, you will have to upload a few documents for your KYC. Fill in all the details in the respective fields mentioned on the page and then swiftly upload a fully scanned copy or a photo of your KYC document, along with your selfie, as shown on the Sign-Up form.

After clicking submit,  the details you mentioned are moved forward for verification. After the verification is complete, you will get an email from WazirX App, approving your account.
The process of verification can take around 24 to 48 hours, depending upon the volume of signups. If the account is not approved, then the email will mention the reasons for the changes. 

WazirX Apps Customer Support? Is that Good? 

  • The fastest and the most convenient method to get support/help from WazirX Help Center is by going on The page contains all the Frequently Asked Questions, pertinent for using WazirX. 
  • Also, if you are unable to locate the right answer for your query, then contact WazirX by using submit a request link.
  • The support team is functional Monday to Sunday from 4:30 AM – 13:30 PM UTC, and they will revert back to your query as soon as they can.
  • For Phone Support, you can reach out to WazirX India at 0124-6124101 or 0124-4189201. Also, from Mon to Sun 24×7, you can use the toll-free number 1800 309 4449. 

Conclusion: Is WazirX App Best for Indians? 

WazirX App is a reliable and convenient Cryptocurrency exchange platform containing an advanced and ingenious interface for trading, along with multiple features to safely Buy, Sell and Trade in cryptocurrencies.

The Live Open Order Book system in WazirX allows you to effectively trade in digital assets including Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, etc. You can either deposit or withdraw cryptocurrencies, or you can cash in or cash out USDT by using the P2P. The hassle-free process is prompt and the assets are secured in your WazirX wallet.

WazirX Apps FAQ  

Is WazirX Bitcoin Exchange Legal in India?
WazirX P2P assists in buying and selling USDT for Fiat with other buyers and sellers directly. It is absolutely legal, safe and works 24×7.
Are foreign Nationals Able To Create An Account On WazirX India Crypto App?
Yes, foreign nationals can create an account except for a few countries including Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Haiti, Slovenia, Iran, Montenegro, Iraq, Serbia, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Lebanon and more. Check the complete list here.
Can I change my login email ID?
Yes, the email ID can be changed but manually from the WazirX end due to security reasons. When you have lost access to your email-
1: Contact WazirX by using Submit a Request link
2: WazirX will take you through the verification process, and verify the authenticity of your request.
3: After completing the verification, a  seven days security cool-off period will be set by WazirX during which they can temporarily lock the WazirX account in order to ensure its maximum security.

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