Crypto Unicorns NFT is a play to earn project built on Polygon (made by Laguna games) that has 10K cute, funny and 3D unicorns. After owing crypto unicorns NFT, you can hatch, evolve and breed your unicorns – use them for farming, send them to the races or participate in PVP battles.

On 15th October 2021, The Crypto unicorns NFT project was announced by Laguna games with a $5 Million investment. The seed rounds were primarily led by Bitcraft ventures and Delphi Digital with secondary associates like Transcend Funds, Headline Ventures, and Polygon studios.

The genesis Unicorn egg sale happened on 15th November 2021. The Crypto unicorns NFT mint price was 0.1 WETH + Gas Fees. The minting was only restricted to 7K Whitelisted wallets – and each wallet could only mint a maximum of 3 Unicorn eggs.

The Blockchain gaming projects have been quite a success – does Crypto Unicorns NFT has everything to become a successful gaming NFT project? – Let’s find out

Crypto Unicorns NFT: Quick Overview 

  • Total Number of NFTs: 10K
  • Crypto Unicorns NFT Floor Price: 1.36 ETH
  • Number of owners: 621
  • Total Traded Volume: 6.5K ETH

(As Of March 01 2022)

The Idea Behind Crypto Unicorns NFT

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Laguna has made quite a name for itself as Blockchain savvy, research-based game development studio. Crypto Unicorns NFT is their first project that will offer community-owned game economics. No matter if you are on a web browser, Android or iOS, you can always enjoy the crypto unicorn Laguna games.

For a long time, Laguna Games have developed the F2P games (Free-to-play), now they are moving ahead with the Crypto Unicorns NFT project to create a PAE game (Play and earn).

Crypto Unicorns Game – Know About The Farming Simulation Game

Primarily, Crypto Unicorns NFT is a farming simulation game where you can purchase Unicorn NFTs as well as the land NFTs – and can upgrade them over time. Apart from Crypto Unicorns NFTs, Laguna games have also initiated 30K Crypto Unicorns land market NFTs within the Unicorn Metaverse.

As of 25th February 2022, the developers have announced three types of Crypto Unicorns NFT games – Jousting, Racing and Battle gameplay. The players will have to pay entry fees with the crypto unicorn tokens ($RBW) to participate. Although all the games are due for late 2022, if you go through their official whitepaper, you will soon realize how interactive they are going to be.

Like the Crypto Unicorns NFTs, each Crypto Unicorns land market NFT has different traits. Players can customize their lands by building stables, nurseries, workshops, etc.

To make the Crypto Unicorns game interesting, the developers have created 3 types of lands – Common, rare and mystic.

The common lands (9 different types) are the most ones where the Crypto Unicorns will have to match their land class to develop further. The rare lands (3 different types) allow the players to interact with a specific unicorn group. The mythic land (1 type) has the highest rarity score and allows the players to interact with all unicorn classes.

Game Assets & Game Economy

The developers here have tried to create a Blockchain-based game economy that is completely sustainable. The Crypto Unicorns NFT developers have referred to the IRL economy. The lands will nurture the existing unicorns and will nurture the birth of a new generation of unicorns. Due to that, the lands will increase, the tournaments will get more competitive and intense – all in all, we are looking at long-term sustainability.

Rainbow Marketplace And Rainbow Token ($RBW)

Crypto Unicorns NFT Roadmap

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As the Crypto Unicorns NFT is not restricted to the farming stimulation gameplay, the developers have created a centralized marketplace. This is called the Rainbow marketplace where players can buy or sell berries or other resources using the Rainbow Token or $RBW.

The rainbow marketplace is a P2P marketplace where all the listed items will have bonding curves. A bonding curve means that the price of the items will continuously increase for the subsequent buyers where the players can influence the prices with a collective approach.

Some of the special features of the Rainbow tokens are:

  • This is the governance token for the Unicorn Metaverse
  • By staking your $RBW, you can earn rewards
  • Purchase the top-tier resources to boost your unicorns
  • Participate in the tournaments – – and more is come as per the official announcement


The team is also offering the UNIM Token (Unicorn Milk token). This is an ERC 20 Token that needs to be earned by participating in the tournaments and can be used to upgrade your unicorns.

40 Million Crypto unicorn tokens (total 10 Billion) will be launched on 28th February 2022 for public sale. The $RBW sale will take place on the Cooper launch platform on Polygon.

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Crypto Unicorns NFTs Roadmap

It’s quite clear that the Crypto Unicorns NFT developers did not just focus on the gameplay, but also worked hard to create a self-sustainable community.

However, as long as the DAO is not fully activated, Laguna games will oversee the Funds. As soon as the games are released (March 2022), the team is planning to release the voting dashboard to decide how the funds will be allocated.

While the Crypto Unicorn games (Farming, Jousting and ballet gameplay) seem quite interesting before even their release, the developers have also planned how these games will drive the project’s economy.

The team RPG game will work as a major boost to the community as it will include 5V5 P2E and PVP elements.

Shortly after the public sale of the $RBW tokens, the team is also planning to make some crypto unicorn token airdrops to the loyal customers to encourage the entire community.

Crypto Unicorns NFT Price & Latest Sales Volume. 

How To Buy Crypto Unicorns NFT

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Crypto Unicorns NFT Mint Price VS Floor Price

Starting with an average price of 0.3 ETH on the launch date (15th November 2021), the current average price of the Crypto Unicorns NFT has increased by 5 times and is standing at 1.47 ETH (as of 25th February 2022). The Crypto Unicorns NFT mint price was 0.1 WETH + Gas Fees. However, now the minting phase of this NFT is over.

On the other hand, Crypto Unicorns land market NFT has a floor price of 0.08 ETH with 6.9K owners. In the last 7 days (as of 25the February 2022), the average price of Crypto Unicorns land market NFT was 0.2 ETH with a total trading volume of 109.68 ETH (Total volume traded = 2.3K).

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How To Buy Crypto Unicorns NFTs?

If you are looking to buy the Crypto Unicorns NFTs or the Crypto Unicorns land market NFT, you need to go to the Crypto Unicorns NFT OpenSea marketplace. From thereon, the process is quite streamlined as all you have to do is to check the crypto unicorns rarity score and make your bid by connecting your digital wallet.

Visit the official opensea webpage here:

Crypto Unicorns NFT Price Prediction

The Crypto Unicorns NFT has an upper hand in terms of reliability as it’s developed by the Laguna Games. Apart from that, there will be 3 types of games (more will come) with assured $RBW airdrops. Since the end of January 2022, the project has shown some great prospects (profit-wise) and is likely to achieve greater milestones in the future.

As of 25th February 2022, Crypto Unicorns Twitter has 21.3K followers, while Crypto Unicorns Discord has 29.7K members – quite amazingly, they have got the numbers right in just 4 months.

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