CryptoBatz NFT is a series of 9,666 NFTs gallivanting around the Ethereum Blockchain. The sole purpose of the Bat premise is to deliver virus-like waves within the NFT network. The reputation garnered by the NFT is because it’s CryptoBatz by Ozzy Osbourne, one of the lead singers of the revered rock music group, the Black Sabbath. These CryptoBatz NFTs have abilities that make them something the community has never seen before. And on this day, 22nd January 2022, one day after its public Minting, the Crypto Batz NFTs have seen some crypto-struck love by the community.

This article dismantles all the propositions laid by the team for CryptoBatz by Ozzy Osbourne, and Sutter Systems, an NFT-based enterprise. This article covers its utility, plans for the future, and sales and statistics!

A Brief Overview Of The Crypto Batz NFT

CryptoBatz NFT items 9,666
Owners 6,900
CryptoBatz NFT Floor price 1.09 ETH
Volume Traded 14,900 ETH

(The above details stand valid as of 7th February 2022)

What Makes The CryptoBatz NFTs Amazing? 

As of January 22nd, 2022, the core utility for the CryptoBatz NFT has not been activated yet. This utility, that makes them unique, is their ability to ‘BITE’ another NFT from a Blue Chip project and create a MutantBat. And this can be utilized once and once only. For this to work, the holder must have the Blue Chip NFT in their wallet, with the CryptoBatz, by Ozzy Osbourne who serves as the director for this idea. Another fundamental purpose for this NFT is its community that shall eventually take the NFTs to the Metaverse. 

With that, more things are planned for the holders of the NFT, most of them shall be explored in the Roadmap section. 

CryptoBatz NFT Presale & Public Sale / Minting Dates  : 

Overview of the CryptoBatz NFT

On January 20, 2022, the CryptoBatz whitelisted members were allowed to partake in the Gold and Silver Pre-sale, then came the Bronze one on the same day. Then, on 21st, January, the Public Minting began. Each member of their private whitelist was allowed to Mint 3 NFTs. Most elements of their roadmap are shrouded in secrecy when it comes to their launch date.

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The Roadmap For The Crypto Batz NFT

The Roadmap for the CryptoBatz NFT

On the official website for the CryptoBatz NFT, where to buy, their introduction, Ozzy Osbourne, and other details are mentioned. The website lists the following as the Blue Chip projects that the Crypto Batz can eventually bite.

  • BAYC

Also in their roadmap, are details about one of the most ambitious and creative NFT activities yet, called the AncientBatz, these are extremely rare CryptoBatz that can bite not one, but 99 times. These are interspersed around the world and clues to find them will be released on an unknown date (soon). The website also offers a map that pinpoints locations. Once discovered and scanned, the bearer gets access to one of the rarest collectibles to exist in the NFT spectrum.

Eventually, to wrap things up beautifully, the CryptoBatz NFT team plans to develop interoperability for SANDBOX and the Metaverse. The Batz shall glide over the Metaversal skies soon!

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The Current CryptoBatz NFT Price & Price Predictions:-

The CryptoBatz NFT Floor Price, as of January 22, 2022, is 1.4 ETH. The CryptoBatz NFT Mint Price for the whitelisters was set at 0.08 ETH + gas, for Presale, and 1.666 ETH for the Public sale (auction).

The Total Volume Traded: According to the CryptoBatz NFT OpenSea page, the total volume traded stands at 10,800 ETH. And after 1 day of release, about 700 Batz are being traded every day at least. And their average price stands at 2 ETH.

The Price Prediction For TheCryptoBatz NFT: Upon reviewing its launch date and statistics, the CryptoBatz NFT Price Prediction dictates that the price is bound to rise since most of the details for the treasure hunt are a secret, the demand will spike with that.

How to Buy CryptoBatz NFT: Where Can You Get Your Hands On These?

For the question, CryptoBatz NFT how to buy them and where to buy them? It’s all listed on their official website, they can be officially Minted from their website, and can be directly bought/traded on OpenSea. Their official OpenSea page is linked to the website.

Opensea Page:

Coming To The Skies Near You!

These Batz might hold secrets and rarity in your very own city. Since the treasure hunt is worldwide it allows diversifying the community with different cultures from all around the world. The CryptoBatz NFT by Ozzy Osbourne is a warm addition to the unique NFT space.

Much like these Batz, this is bound to disrupt the Market and fly high.

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