Dice Diving. It might sound odd, and to be sure it is different, but Dice Diving isn’t a game you play in the pool, it’s an iPhone game developed by Larry Snyder. Not quite Yahtzee, nor Phase 10 dice, but a combination of dice games that presents a unique format and scoring system for playing. A challenge based mostly on AI luck and a tiny bit of strategy, Dice Diving will have you competing for the gold medal of dice rolling.
Dice Diving combines some of the scoring elements of competitive diving with a prerequisite at each level. For instance, your challenge might be to roll a set of 3s, a run of 4, and a total higher than 26. You have five dice, a set number of rolls, and all the while you try to turn the good rolls into better ones. It seems a bit complicated for a dice game at first glance, but really, it’s quite simple.
Dice Diving includes a tutorial to get you started. It explains the game and the scoring system initially, but your strategy will be yours to develop as you go. You can compete against yourself in attempt to get a high enough score to warrant a gold medal in each dice event, or you can compete against online scores.
Each Dice Diving event weighs in with its own difficulty and is comprised of three changing elements. These three elements represent the elements of competitive high diving – approach, flight, and entry. There are also five constant slots to complete, which are representative of the event judges. Scoring is completed by adding the value of the three changing elements (attained by rolling the required hand) and multiplying that value by the best three judges scores. To impress the judges, you’ll need to roll a hand that consists of a full house, large straight, or other high ranking dice hand.
If you’ve ever enjoyed similar dice games, then Dice Diving will strike that same risk-and-roll chord, yet presents a completely original take on dice gaming. It isn’t overly developed, but it is crafty and contains 36 events to keep the fun going. All combined, the elements of Dice Diving make it well worth the dollar purchase price. If you’re not convinced it’s worth the roll, try the Lite version for free before you buy.