Dictionary apps are a a buck a dozen in the App Store. Dictionary.com—Dictionary & Thesaurus, from the Web site of the same name, is not your usual dictionary. This one speaks — at least most of the time.
Dictionary.com (the app, that is) features more than 275,000 definitions and 80,000 synonyms. For the sake of comparison, WordBook Gets Right to the Point of Dictionaries, an app I reviewed last December for AppCraver, features 220,000 definitions. I liked WordBook quite a bit and find it surpasses Dictionary.com in a number of areas so it won’t be leaving my iPhone any time soon. Since my review TranCreative, Wordbook’s developer, has updated the app but I haven’t had time to check out what’s new.
Dictionary.com is free, however, compared to $3.00 for TranCreative Software’s WordBook English Dictionary & Thesaurus.
Dictionary.com — Dictionary & Thesaurus has the usual features: Quick access from the bottom menu bar for dictionary, thesaurus, recently found words, and a word of the day. Up top, you’ll find the requisite search bar. Tap Dictionary, enter a term into the search bar, tap search on the keyboard and off the app goes to fetch the proper word.
In addition to the usual definition, parts of speech, word origin and phonetic spelling, you’ll see a blue icon with a speaker in it. Tap that and you’ll hear the word. If you’ve never quite gotten the hang of interpreting phonetic spelling, you find Dictionary.com — Dictionary & Thesaurus helpful in that regard.
The catch is that you need to be connected to the Internet to hear audio pronunciation, to find similarly spelled words and word of the day. Overall, I liked Dictionary.com — Dictionary & Thesaurus, but if you’ve already invested time or money using another dictionary app, I don’t see any urgency in switching.