Diner Dash is somewhat hard to place in terms of genre. It is part action-arcade game, part puzzle and part task management. Developed by game developer PlayFirst, Inc., Diner Dash made its way from the PC to DS and to the iPhone’s mobile platform. A fairly faithful conversion of the original game, the app’s reduced cost in the app store seems expensive compared to other game apps out there, but it is well worth the $7.99 and compared to the PC version Diner Dash is quite a bargain.
Diner Dash puts the player into the role of Flo, an entrepreneur who quit her job as a stockbroker to open her own restaurant. In 50 levels you need to seat, serve and collect tips from 6 different kinds of customers. The quicker you serve the customers, the more they tip, which will allow you to do improvements on the restaurant and acquire new properties. Every once in a while a food critic will come in to give the place another star but inadequate service will cause the restaurant to lose a star. The goal of Diner Dash is to turn the greasy spoon into a proper 5-star restaurant and through reaching the revenue goals of each level, Flo will get to fulfill her entrepreneurial dream.
Diner Dash is fairly repetitive in nature but it is nevertheless very addictive and with its hand-drawn comic-style graphics and its suitable soundtrack, it offers great game fun for the entire family. The controls are easy and intuitive and the storyline as well as the gameplay make Diner Dash a great game with substantial replay value.