I wasn’t too sure I could test the Disneyland iGuide by Walkee without a visit to the “happiest place on Earth.” However, since my app purchase did not include a ticket I realized I’d just have to give it my best shot. So, mouse ears in place I prepared to be imaginarily whisked away.
To my surprise, this guide to getting around Disneyland, California Adventure and Downtown Disney is interesting from the comfort of one’s own couch too. There is so much information! Each ride has a description and a separate “back story” with historical tidbits or entertaining facts about the attraction.
The Disneyland iGuide is organized around a circular legend that lets users select attractions, shopping, dining, favorites or “did that.” Choose any single category or mix and match to customize what you’re looking for. After you’ve made a selection, tap the big blue button to open the map. Places from your preselected categories will be flagged.
The map of Disneyland is one of Walkee’s big claims to fame. According to the company, users can zoom in closer than any other Disney map available. The map is a great way to browse through the app, let your fingers do the walking to visit your preferred “land” and learn more about your favorite rides or attractions.
For people that are actually in Disneyland the map has extra features that make it even better. Coupled with built-in GPS, you can use the Disneyland iGuide to route you from one ride to another, find your current location and the nearest restroom, or just track your progress as you travel through the park. If you are planning on being in Disneyland all day, you may want to turn off that last feature though or it’s unlikely your battery will last long enough to take pictures at the afternoon parade.
Walkee has included everything you would expect to find in a guide to the Magic Kingdom: daily schedules for opening, closing and parade times, lists of attractions, special requirements (like height or health), where to find characters for photo opps, even restaurant menus!
The guide takes advantage of user-submitted data to provide up-to-the-minute details about the park. Users can use the Line-Timer to record wait times and will soon be able to send in alerts about down rides as well.
But, what I really like about the Disneyland iGuide is the personalization features that make this more than any paper guide could hope to be. As you enjoy your day, you can mark off the rides that you’ve been on and add notes to individual attractions. You can also use the app to snap a photo that will be stored with your notes. At the end of the day you can relive every minute of fun. After the next upgrade you’ll also be able upload your pics to Facebook or send e-cards to family and friends all from within the iGuide.
The Disneyland iGuide is a fully complete, well-thought out iPhone app, rather than just a digitized map with zoom. Use it plan your trip, guide your day, and relive the good times over and over again.