Apple’s 2.2 updates for iPhone has been out for a little more than a week and the hunt for undocumented features is in top gear. Here’s what we’ve discovered—with a lot of help from our readers—so far:
Update apps are back. Apple disabled the one-button, app update on 2.1. It’s back now in 2.2.
Glimpse the future of exporting video to the TV. The TheMediaPlayer framework in the 2.2 SDK can export live video to your TV. That ties in with one of the predictions by Ralph de la Vega made during a Q&A at the recent Web 2.0, which we reported about.
Turn off auto-correction. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard.
Stream podcasts. Tap the program name and the podcast will start streaming. There’s no need to wait for the download
A who’s who for app updates. Previously, your iPhone did not show app updates if the account for iTunes and iPhone were not the same. Now, you have the option to change accounts and input your user name and password.
Eight is enough. The most Web pages you can have open is now eight. Open one more and one of your open pages will close.
App icons now stay put. In 2.1, when an app was being updated, it would move into the next open space, do the update and then move back into its original position. Now, it stays put during updating.
Rate an app when you delete it. You have the option to rate the app one to five stars or to decline when you delete it.
We know, we know, there are more undocumented features. We haven’t listed the changes in the App Store, yet, either. But that’s where you come in: Let’s see what you’ve come up with and will list them here in our next round-up (with credit to you, of course).