The Doodle NFT Collectibles is a distinctive NFT series conceived by Burnt toast, a studio famed for quirky and out-of-box non-fungible illustrations. A community-led project that depicts a wide array of joyful colours, this collection is a celebration of optimistic hues and cheerful designs. Simple yet deep-seated, these illustrations have been created with tinted hues to appeal to modern sensibilities. 
For those who crave a calm vibe, these art pieces exude positivity and tranquillity. Inspired by daily situations, each illustration promulgates a distinct emotion. Animated and emotive, this series is a unique collection of generative archetypes created with random combinations of colours, attributes, and sizes. With a total lifetime supply limit of 10,000 NFTs, this Doodles NFT collection hits a chord with everyone.

Catch The Details About The Doodle NFT Collectible Series Here:

Doodle NFT Collectibles
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Here’s What Doodle NFT Collectible Series Has In Store For You:

Each and every Doodle illustration is unique in its own way. The project is a community-driven one and allows the community members to partake in every decision pertaining to the development of the series. When you purchase a non-fungible token from the Doodle NFT Collectible Series, you automatically acquire voting rights as well as exclusive access to discussion groups and communities. 
You can follow the Doodles NFT Twitter page to get more details about some of the other exclusive benefits and perks of purchasing this unique art form. The most unique feature of the project is that it lets the token holders choose the experiences from a set of experiences through voting. Additionally, the users can even choose from a range of activations conceived by the Doodles Community Treasury.

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Doodles NFT Drop Date And Road Map 

The Doodles public sales opened on Sunday, October 17th around 7 pm PDT and all the tokens from the collection sold out in record time.
Powered by a dedicated team of tenured illustrators, creators, and developers, this collection is poised to touch new heights among contemporary NFT projects. The series is compiled from randomly combined physical traits. 

Centred around its community, this Doodles NFT project gives the holders exclusive rights as well as a stake. The Doodles token owners collectively chart the future course of action for the collectible items. The project endows upon the holders the power to participate in private sales, previews while also giving them voting rights. The holders also get access to a very exclusive club called the Doodle treasury. Here, the holders can vote for or against experiences, activations, and campaigns that benefit the Doodles.

Whereas, there is no roadmap per se. the team has unanimously decided that the roadmap will be created collaboratively by the Doodle holders. The Doodle NFT Collectible series is therefore also an exemplary collection of animated illustrations that place unparalleled power in the hands of community members and liquidity providers.
You can find out more about the developments in the development lifecycle of the project by joining any of their thriving communities on Twitter or Doodles Discord.

Let’s Get Into The Sales Statistics For The Doodles NFT Collection

The Doodles NFT Founders
Source: Doodles

Stats And Figures For The Doodles NFT Collection

With the entire collection selling out in record time, Doodles NFTs have proved to be exceptionally commendable. As many as 4249 tokens from the collection were sold in the last 7 days as of October 18, 2021.
The overall volume of sales for the Doodles NFT collection stood at a whopping $24.14M as of October 18, 2021. Speculators believe that this will pave the way for high-priced second sales.
Also, the average sales price of one token in the Doodles NFT collection stood at $5.7k as of October 18, 2021.

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More Facts And Figures Pertaining To The Doodles NFT Collection Sales

Having performed phenomenally on all metrics, the most expensive Doodles NFT token #7573 sold at $193.4k on October 18th, 2021. This one was the top seller among a list of other expensive sales. In all, 4249 tokens from the series were sold in the last 7 days as of October 18, 2021. Therefore, the median price for the tokens from the Doodles NFT collection stood at $4630 in the last 30 days as of October 18th, 2021.


Here’s Our Opinion On The Doodles NFT Collection

In the contemporary NFT arena that is filled with indistinguishable tokens, it can be a little hard to find one that bears unique attributes. Since art is a largely subjective matter, the true value of a project is determined by the existential attributes that are used to create generative archetypes. 
In the case of the Doodle NFT collectibles, there are some rather interesting attributes that are combined in random proportions to create these tokens.
A modest lifetime supply of 10,000 Doodles tokens also means that the value of the tokens is likely to appreciate along with greater awareness about the rare traits in the collection. There was a time when there was a certain climate of scepticism and mistrust around crypto-assets and especially around NFTs. This came largely from the lack of understanding and awareness about these assets. 
However, as the NFT marketplace grows and evolves, this is changing fast. As traders acquire knowledge about the attributes that make one NFT rarer or more viable than the other, there is a growing consensus on the parameters used to define a robust NFT project. It is safe to say after much deliberation that Doodle NFT collectables check all the necessary requisites in that regard.

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