Yes, it’s true, Dr. Awesome by ngmoco is in fact awesome. Playing as Dr. Awesome, Microsurgeon M.D, you get to awesomely save your friends from killer viruses and deadly bacterium with just a few flips of the wrist.
When Dr. Awesome opens it asks you for permission to use your contacts to make the game more personal. Like it says in the little disclaimer, your information won’t be used for anything other than patient names. This way you get to kill or cure your friends and as simple as this might seem, using your contacts really does make the game that much more amusing and fun to play. Along the same lines of inclusion, Dr. Awesome has a link to email your victorious results to friends with a pre-written email that is chock full of awesomeness.
In Dr. Awesome you move through the rank of student to resident to Dr. Awesome by curing your friends of terrible infectious diseases. Each patient that comes in has a number of different viruses that you have to kill by isolating them in a series of mini-games. In these mini-games the screen turns into a giant cell with little virus balls in it. To isolate the virus’s you have to shave off sections of the cell with your laser by tilting the screen this way and that without hitting the virus. Once you have trapped the virus in a small enough section it will die and you will have saved your friend from that specific attack. As you are promoted up the ladder towards head doctor the viral attacks will become more aggressive and challenging.
Even though the game is pretty simple its tongue in cheek comic book graphics and dialogue make it really fun. The mini-games are also pretty addicting and the rate in which you move along the ranks is just fast enough to get you hooked in spite of your best efforts.
Refreshing and daring, Dr. Awesome is as aware of its ridiculousness as the name would suggest. The game is way out there, boldly going where few games have gone before with retro, comic book inspired graphics and captions like, “Awesome, victory is our only option!” This is a game that will not only hook you, but have you laughing along the way.