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Launching on December 27th 2021, the very new Clunky Koalas NFT Drop is set to fly high for ETH 0.06.

The major goal of Clunky Koalas NFT Drop is to raise funds for endangered species all around the world and to deploy future technology for NFT Space.

Quantity and Price

There will be 5,555 Koalas avaliable and the mint price will be 0.06 Ξ. After the public sale We are going to donate to charities and organisations that help endangered species.


The roadmap of Clunky Koalas NFT Drop has been designed to bring real value to our holders. You can see all the updates by now on roadmap-updates channel.

Fee Structure

They have come to a conclusion on how OpenSea fees will be handled. 60% of all secondary incomes will be donated to various charities , Charities will be decided by the holders. 40% of all transactions will be sent to the project owners, which may be used for Metaverse development, marketing purposes, driving the floor upwards , etc.

Community Building

They will be running community building activities in an effort to bring us all closer. Amongst these community activities will be roadmap suggestion votes, gartic nights, twitter raids, and much more.


They will constantly purge inactive members and incorporate anti-bot Discord services to make sure that our members are all legitimate. They want natural project growth. Everything is already planned. They have several back-up plans and big marketing plans ahead.

On December 21st, the Clunky Koalas NFT Drop will begin their first giveaway. They are giving away 1 NFT and 2 ETH (worth around $10,000 in cash). There will be a total of 3 different NFT giveaways and various whitelist activities for the new members.

OG Role and Whitelist On December 21st, The OG Role will no longer be available. Since they want all their OG’s to have exclusive benefits. There are going to be giveaways, events and other priorities given to the foundation members on various events.

When the OG positions are filled, the whitelist requirements will be updated. They will also hold an activity contest on our server to keep the hype going.

So, join the team and explore!