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The all-new Kindergarten BabyApes NFT Drop is set to launch on December 27th, 2021 for ETH 0.06 (+gas).

The BabyApes are hand-drawn, and the NFTs in the collection are generated programmatically by merging qualities into each image, giving each piece in the collection its own rarity value.

The initiative will have an influence not just in the digital sphere, but also in the actual world, as BabyApes NFT Drop will collaborate with a well-known humanitarian organisation to build a school in a developing country picked by the community.

The BabyApes NFT project was started with the goal of connecting the NFT space with education for underprivileged youngsters. They think that our children are the future, and this is an excellent opportunity to help children in some of the world’s poorest countries. BabyApes NFT has an official partnership with BuildOn, a non-profit that builds schools all around the world. This is something they hope that the community is proud of and excited to be a part of!

BabyApes NFT Project belief in the community and that the KBA holders will be able to observe the value of their KBA improve over time. The KBA team intends to enrich the holders’ OG KBA tokens by providing free airdropped things for their upcoming KBA 2.0 project.

Join the team and have a blast!