Many of the apps available on the App Store today are aimed at replacing expensive hardware or software on the cheap. With Dynolicious, Bunsen Tech achieves that goal. Simply stated, Dynolicious is just as good as it sounds.
The app is an automotive performance meter. According to the company, “Dynolicious uses the hardware built into your iPhone to measure the performance characteristics of your vehicle.” At just under $13, Dynolicious replaces hardware that can cost up to ten times as much. In some tests, the app even outperformed dedicated in-car dyno units, in both usability and precision.
Using the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer, the app can accurately calculate acceleration statistics as well as timed runs. But the little app that could doesn’t stop there. There’s a skidpad mode in which you can view how many lateral G-forces your car is pushing. It’s a great tool for any performance nut who knows numbers speak wonders.
Further adding to the depth of the app is a car library system where you can store individual times and stats for each car you test. Also, Dynolicious can keep track of your car’s performance mods, allowing you to see just how effective your new parts are.
Apps with this much power normally suffer from other problems. Some have stability and performance issues, while others are just down-right ugly. Thankfully, Dynolicious manages to avoid all these troubles by being extremely well built and wrapped in a beautiful shell.
I had heard good things about Dynolicious before trying it out, but once I did I was truly amazed. Dynolicious is a true gem and really showcases the immense power and flexibility of the iPhone platform.