Independent software developer David Palmerio today is proud to announce the release of E-Folk 3 for iOS and Android devices. Learn to play acoustic guitar in less than two months. E-Folk is an acoustic guitar method for beginners, featuring 11 lessons of increasing level to understand and play guitar chord progressions. No musical knowledge is required to use this app. The musical notation and theory is accompanied by audio and movie recordings.
Part 1 Basics:
* Lesson 1: Hold your guitar, understand tablatures and play your first Boogie
* Lesson 2: Right hand fingering for arpeggios study
* Lesson 3: What is a chord ?
* Lesson 4: Play with a pick on chord progression.
Part 2 Chords:
* Lesson 1: The Folk rhythm
* Lesson 2: Three beats rhythm
* Lesson 3: Arpeggios on chord progression
* Lesson 4: Palm mute.
Part 3 Barred Chords:
* Lesson 1: Minor barred chords
* Lesson 2: The F barred chord position
* Lesson 3: The C barred chord position.
Feature Highlights:
* Real guitar lessons with musical theory and a 11 tracks to learn
* Video support (network connection needed)
* Soundings strings to tune your guitar
* Autoscrolling tablature
* Section ‘After the lesson’
* Users can download pdf files
Supported Languages:
* US English, German, Spanish and French
E-Folk is $2 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the AppStore and Android Google Play in the Music category.