Indie app developer RhinocerosHorn, the creators of Kazuyoshi Isari, today is pleased to announce the release of Satia Funtastic, their new puzzle app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. This is a simple puzzle game, fun for anyone, where you touch same colored circles together to make them disappear until all the circles are gone. There’s no need to memorize complicated rules. Game controls are intuitive, and playable by anyone.
The highly popular “Satia” is back in a new major powered up version! Preserving the original concepts “easy,” “simple,” and “feeling good,” we have further refined the game, enhanced the graphics and sound, and brought it back with even more style.
* A seemingly simple yet deeply thoughtful gaming system
* Simple yet stylish design
* Stylish music
* An easy to play game, even in a short amount of time. Fast and easy loading
* You can play for free all the way to completion of the game
How to play:
All you need to do is slide circles of the same color together so they touch. By hitting combinations, you can make more circles disappear in less moves. In order to make circles disappear within a limited number of moves, it’s important to choose the order of circles.
Actually, we have a deep philosophy:
This app is not merely a puzzle game where you just make circles disappear. At its heart, it is deeply rooted in Buddhist Zen philosophy.
This game design was modeled after the movements of masters of meditation. Now then, all that is left is for you to join the experience!
SatiaFuntastic 1.5 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.