eC2 – Imagine yourself as a war fighter with a mission to a remote mountainous region in search of a terrorist training camp. Under normal conditions, it might be impossible to carry out your mission in the time allotted because of the difficult terrain.
That was then and this is Jack Bauer time. You reach into the breast pocket of your field jacket, pull out your iPhone and within minutes you get the guidance you need to reach your objective.
That’s one example of how Alion Science and Technology, a defense contractor based in McLean, Va., envisions the military will use its electronic Collaboration Capabilities (eC2) warfighter training app for the iPhone.
The eC2 app receives and sends training data before, during and after a training exercise. It also works with C4I systems, Alion says. C4I is shorthand used by special forces for “command, control, communications, computers and intelligence.” What that means is eC2 can link in real-time to remote workstations and help training commanders guide the activity on the ground. When the exercise concludes, the commanders can analyze events and performance data.
Alion plans to introduce eC2 at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Conference, which will be held Dec. 1-4 in Orlando, Fla.
We tried to get in touch with Alion to find out more about eC2 but we never heard from them. We were worried they might have to kill us if we asked too many questions, anyway.