Keeping track of all the news that is important in our daily lives has become a full-time job. I cull through a few main categories which as some have guessed are technology, apps, Apple and my little known topic of gardening. Shhh. Evri for iPad makes sifting through the enormous amount of news extremely easy.
It’s almost like it has GTD mechanics built into it because after I use it I always feel accomplished. I’ve used the web version in the past and am glad they decided to make the jump to mobile as it makes searching wherever, whenever very easy. A huge convenience.
While Evri for iPad offers users a personalized news reading service for free, that cost should not detour them from using it as the approach of attacking news by topics is very useful. The news can be selected by topic, for instance “Apple”, and the app takes in information from 15,000 online sources. This also includes social networks. This is where it gets interesting.
After the topic is chosen and the app delivers the results, it also delivers other news based on that topic. It’s basically giving the user a way to discover news about that specific topic and venture into other news items that might pique their interest. Back to my example. I searched for Apple and within seconds an article from Christian Science Monitor popped up about the iPhone 4S breaking sales records. Underneath the main article where two feature articles about the same information, but below and to the right also featured a news item about Apple’s first post-Jobs earnings call.
If anything catches the reader’s eye they can tap on the article to display the entire article, click “read” to bring up the website and its article within the app or choose read later in Instapaper or in Reader it Later List, which requires a username and password. After reading the article the user can click done and they will be returned back to that article.
At the start of each article is a related topics column just to the right of it that brings up other news items that pertain to Apple such as Verizon Wireless, iPad 2, iPod Touch, iOS 5, Samsung and the patent issues among many others. Tap on these and a new topic is brought up for that company or search term. It’s news discovery at its greatest.
Evri for iPad offers a useful user interface that is easy to navigate, chose topics and discover new topics that the reader might have never known about. If topics are what the user is looking for and not a random smattering of news then this iPad news app is an easy download.