Fandango – Movies are not cheap. In the spirit of the recession, I recently got rid of my satellite television. Now for entertainment, I am considering going to the movies again, and Fandango makes it easy to spend my precious play money wisely.
With the Fandango iPhone app (from Fandango), all you need to find a great movie near you is at your fingertips. Using your iPhone’s location-aware technology, Fandango shows you what is playing at your local theaters, what movies are coming soon, movie synopses, viewer ratings, show times, and my personal favorite, movie trailers.
Fandango also allows you to save your favorite theaters, get directions from Google Maps, and purchase tickets for major movie theaters. Fandango even safely saves your credit card information in your iPhone for your next purchase.
Fandango is one of many movie locator apps available for the iPhone, most of which differ from each other only slightly. For example, Movies includes DVD releases and connects with Facebook so you can socialize about your movie interests with your friends.
Though Fandango does not offer anything fancy, it is just what I need. The quality of the trailers is excellent, and the movie listings are accurate. Fandango does not require WiFi. There is no search function (which is fine by me since I live in a small town) and online Fandango users will be disappointed that they cannot sync the Fandango app with their Fandango web account. Otherwise, Fandango works great as an independent iPhone movie locator app.
Fandango is all I need to find movies near me. I give it two thumbs up. Catch you later — I’m going out to see a movie.

Image Gallery: Fandango Movies – Times & Tickets