For only $0.99, Widgetize’s FantasyLens is great fun.
FantasyLens makes it easy for anyone to create composite photos using portraits of friends, family, whomever. FantasyLens come with 24 images or photo templates in which you can insert a headshot. There’s a pretty good variety: Mona Lisa, sunflower, “Tyme” magazine cover, and a goofy face reminiscent of Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Newman.
As always, when testing a photo app, I used my faithful companion, Henry, as my subject. I inserted his mug into an image of an astronaut’s spacesuit because he’s always wanted to take a ride in the space shuttle so he could stick his head out the window and see what it feels like to go really fast.
Using FantasyLens choose a photo, line up your subject’s face in the open area provided and hit the trigger. If you like the results save the image; if you don’t, give FantasyLens another shot.
After you’ve taken and saved your photo, you can use any of FantasyLens’ five sliders to adjust brightness, contrast and colour balance. You can also undo, redo and reset your changes.
The results are surprisingly quite good. I’ve looked at at least a dozen photo filters and editing iPhone and iPod touch apps and FantasyLens quickly climbed my personal chart of favs. I can see, however, that even with 24 images to play around with the novelty is bound to wear off sooner, rather than later. I’m sure the developer realizes that and my bet is we’ll see more options in subsequent updates.
As you probably can guess, the images you create are saved in your Photo Library, where you can show your FantasyLens creations off or email them.
The $0.99 is an introductory price, according to the FantasyLens description. I assume that means the developer intends to raise the price of FantasyLens at some point.
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