Apps and groceries, two necessary expenses. Ok, apps maybe not, but what if you could save up to 70 percent on groceries and use your savings to help you beat that difficult level on Candy Crush? With Favado, you can do just that.
Favado lets you compare prices of everyday grocery and drugstore items to help you get the lowest price. If you’re afraid of the time commitment that has been portrayed on extreme couponing shows … don’t worry. You can easily fire up Favado to check and see if your favorite soda is on sale on the way to the store. This simple process can get you an easy 30 percent off.
Even if you want to go a bit deeper and save big time, Favado features the current sales price and if it has coupons or some other savings it displays a little paperclip icon. When you tap on it, it’ll show you exactly how deep of a discount you can get. For instance, lots of coupons do buy one, get one free (BOGO) deals so you can essentially eat the second item for free or at half price, whichever way you want to look at it.
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“The team at noticed that ‘groceries’ was the most searched category on our site – our visitors wanted grocery deals from us. Plus, we had excellent long-term relationships with the nation’s top grocery bloggers. So, we were confident we could build an app that aggregates all the best sales and coupons across stores, lets shoppers easily build, manage and share lists, and discover further savings to regularly save up to 70% on their weekly grocery bill,” said Loren Bendele, President of
One of the best features of the mobile savings app is that it will display the best possible price so you don’t have to break out your calculator. Although, with the new iOS 7 update, that’s an easy task.
Currently, Favado includes 40,000 sale and coupon combinations at over 65,000 grocery and drugstores nationwide. From Piggly Wiggly and Smart & Final to Walgreens & Rite Aid to Kroger, Albertsons, Target and Meijer, you’re sure to find a store in your area that you can start saving at. What’s interesting is Favado has teamed up with savings experts to help provide additional regional sales data. These experts pick their favorite “top deals” for the week to help you save even more.
If you’re just trying to save a buck on lunch or are the main grocery getter trying to save big on your weekly trip, Favado is a simple and easy way to compare and save across your local stores on your favorite brands. It’s a free download on the App Store for iPhone.