Fieldrunners is one of those games that looks simple in concept but is difficult to put down once you start playing. Its subtle addiction comes from a great blend of strategy and shoot-em-up fun.
The purpose of Fieldrunners is to gun down a group of enemy fighters who like to run across open fields without cover. To stop them you must build a series of machine-gun strapped towers, slime sprayers, and missile launchers to prevent them from reaching safety on the opposite side of the field. As the round moves on you face faster, stronger enemies that who require stronger firepower to stop them.
Fieldrunners starts slowly, with weak, unarmed soldiers who are easy to stop. But soon there will be helicopters, larger soldiers and tanks. To be successful you need to arrange your weaponry into a maze so the fieldrunners must take a long, slow journey through your path of destruction. The more soldiers you take down, the more money you earn to buy towers to try and stop the onslaught. You can also upgrade the towers to add in more guns, high-powered slime to slow the enemy down, missiles that can shoot across the field, or a zapping electric tower. By the time you reach the later rounds you may find yourself scrambling to construct your defenses as scores of enemies fill the field.
Fieldrunners included solid graphics and three levels of difficulty. Get your feet wet in the easy mode to get used to the strategies for success. Soon enough you should be able to tackle the higher challenges that await you in the medium and most difficult rounds. The only drawback was that it became difficult to tap and upgrade weapons later in the game as the field became crowded with my arsenal of towers. But overall you can not go wrong with Fieldrunners if you want some addicting fun.