Files Lite is an app that gives you the ability to sync docs directly to your iPhone. Along with the free download, you must create a connection between your iPhone and your computer for syncing files. This of course, also means being on the same WiFi network when it’s time to sync. Just as with FileSync much of the effort takes place on the front end — ensuring that you properly configure your computer to connect to your iPhone and the software.
This being the lite version, the additional features for the full package includes unrestricted disk storage, the ability to copy images to the iPhone photos app and a file name search. So if having these features are essential, then you should upgrade.
The best thing about Files Lite is that you can have an easy way to view important documents on your phone. Although this almost left me wanting more – the ability to edit and send them. Documents To Go, a popular app for other smart phones, will finally bring this to the iPhone.