When it comes to sport fishing on the iPhone and iPod touch, other applications — including the recently reviewed iFish — fall far short of Flick Fishing. In other words, if you’re choosing a fishing application, you should go with this one.
Freeverse, the game makers behind apps like Burning Monkey Casino, brings their distinctive style of animation to Flick Fishing. The level of detail is amazing. You can watch the rod go back and forward, the line get tight and loose, and even the boat bob on the water. Other fishing applications don’t supply these aesthetically pleasing features.
When a fish grabs on, Flick Fishing supplies two bars: one displays your tension on the line and the other shows the strength the fish has left. The heavier and stronger the fish is, the more difficult it is to balance out the two bars and successfully reel in the fish.
You can also choose different lures and bait that you think might work best with the fish you’re catching. One of my favorite parts of Flick Fishing is the ability to choose where you want to fish. Not only does it give you a different atmosphere and different fish types, but also has a difficulty rating of 0 to 5.
Flick Fishing gives you great functions in all directions. The help and options section gives you all the things that you would need to get the application functioning the way you want it to. You can easily shut off the volume when needed.
Flick Fishing also gives you the ability to change options in the game section such as the vibration toggle, your player name, bite alarm toggle, and the tutorial toggle. Flick Fishing also comes with instructions in the help and options section. This fishing app also provides you with a photo album to see what you have caught so far.
But, my favorite part of Flick Fishing by far, is the ability to have a tournament against your friend, the computer, or another person on your network.