I always joke that I can’t have kids, because I can barely keep a plant alive. Well, with Flower Garden by Snappy Touch, my virtual green thumb is put to the test. Luckily, the results are worth the effort, and even if i kill a plant or two, at least I’m not left with a dried-out, messy pot of dirt. Let’s call it a win-win.
Flower Garden is a lovely little application which lets you plant a variety of seeds, nurture your plants into full bloom, and then create bouquets from your garden that can be emailed. The more flowers you grow, the more types of seeds are unlocked. You begin with seeds for a yellow-and-white Mountain Daisy, a purple Spring Morning and an orange Tiger Bell — and I’d barely gotten my first bouquet of those assembled when I discovered I’d unlocked a new seed for the vibrant pink Starburst.
Flower Garden is really quite beautifully put together. The graphics are lovely and serene, and the flowers waft gently in the breeze beneath a gorgeous blue sky. Once you’ve clipped some blossoms for a bouquet, you can choose from a number of different backgrounds on which to present the flowers. For someone like me who’s unlikely to nurture a real garden, Flower Garden makes for a rather satisfying substitute.
And in terrific news, in case those virtual flowers just aren’t cutting it for you, Flower Garden is offering a giveaway — the sender of the 50,000th virtual bouquet will win a real bouquet, courtesy of Flower Garden, to be delivered anywhere in the continental United States.
In addition, Flower Garden is offering something special for AppCraver.com readers. After a few seeds have been unlocked, you’ll see a button allowing you to enter in codes for more seeds. Type in “appcraver” and enjoy the Moon Craver flower, created especially for you by Flower Garden.
Flower Garden is on sale until Mother’s Day for $1.99.
Watch the Flower Garden video demo: