One of the most popular (and discussed) application uses for the iPhone has been documenting storage. First, there was DataCase and Readdle Docs — two paid apps that allowed you to store files on your iPhone using a very cryptic (and often flawed) synchronization method. Air sharing released a few months later, achieved the same result, but for free.
All three of these apps suffered from the same problem, however. Instead of storing your data in the “cloud”, these apps stored it, old-style, on the actual iPhone device. If your phone is lost or damaged, your data is also lost. And forget about accessing your data on the web. Getting it into and out of your phone is a task.
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Well, not anymore., one the leaders in online storage, released today is a free app that allows you to store files in the cloud and access them on your iPhone. Word files, PDFs, Excel files — store them on your free account, and access them on the go on your iPhone. works flawlessly. It even makes it trivial to upload your pics directly to your account. And it’s free!
If Airsharing was downloaded more than 1 million times, I am guessing for iPhone could become one the most used apps in the entire App Store.… It’s that good.