The first game I ever fell hard for was Frogger. Oh how I loved to watch that froggie jump and leap and then — SQUISH! I was 8 and getting the frog across the street was a bit of a challenge, but I loved to make that amphibian hop.
Although I’m older now, my flame still burns strong for Frogger. Konami Digital has ported the popular arcade game to the iPhone and I couldn’t wait to meet up with my long-lost love. Would he still be cute? Would we have anything to talk about?
Turns out there wasn’t time for talking. Within minutes, I was squishing that froggie under cars and drowning him in the river. And as for cute, it’s all in the eye of the beholder. The graphics are definitely old-school — for me that’s part of the charm. Gamers interested in a slicker interface might want to float downriver and keep looking.
This version of Frogger seems easier than I remember. Not too easy mind you, I still haven’t made it to level 2 which requires getting 5 frogs across the road and river safely. And although not much has changed, this app does try to make use of some of the iPhone features. You can use the accelerometer to move Frogger by tilt-shaking the screen or tap to make Frogger follow your finger.
At $7.99 it’s more expensive than many of games in the app store, but I can see this is a relationship I’m going to keep around for a long, long time. I’m addicted to love and Frogger is my new fix.