Galactica is a groovy, transporting app for your iPhone. Did you ever dim the lights, turn on trance music and stare at your lava lamp as it morphed and swam? Galactica from Thumbspark Limited provides a similar sensory experience, except you are in charge of the dynamic ebbs and flows of the app.
Visually stimulating and auditorily soothing, Galactica is a multi-sensory journey. With Galactica, you are the creator of dreamy visual effects using your iPhone’s multitouch capabilities.
Using Galactica is intuitive, and instructions are available if you need a reminder of how to make specific effects. By touching, tapping, flicking and dragging your fingers, you can create colourful bursts of light in your own mini galaxy. One finger emits glowing particles. Two fingers on the screen draw the particles in to form a glowing ball.
You can also create silent explosions and launch glowing orbs into space. The iPhone is ever-changing as light and colours burst and dance across the screen, guided by your fingers.
Playing with Galactica is a meditative experience. At the end of a long day, I can imagine popping on my headphones and disconnecting into my own galaxy. The music alone makes it worth spending 99 cents on Galactica; ambient and soothing, Galactica’s original music was written by Peter Chilvers who created Bloom with Brian Eno. If you are looking for an app to help you relax and zone out, I recommend Galactica.