Twitch’s most popular and controversial female streamer Kaitlyn’ Amouranth’ Siragusa, is all set to host a massive metaverse pageant featuring some of the biggest names on YouTube and Twitch alongside Alpharad.

Amouranth nicknamed the “Queen of ASMR,” is presently one of the most powerful names in the world of content creation, with over 906k subscribers on YouTube alone.

From mic-licking ASMR videos to hot tubs’ record-breaking live broadcasts, the online personality has always managed to be in the top spot in terms of viewership as well as popularity.

There is no denying that she has risen up the success ladder to become one of the most-watched female creators on the Amazon-owned platform in no time, and now her love for content creation has resulted in her hosting one of the biggest pageants of Metaverse – Mr. and Ms.Universe – with prominent names from different streaming platforms going head-on against each other.

Amouranth’s Mr. & Ms. Metaverse’ Show In Los Angeles Details

Amourath announced the 18+ event on her official Instagram handle, where she briefly detailed what the show was all about and when the tickets would go live. Per the post shared by Amouranth on her Instagram handle, On December 04, 2022, the pageant winners will be crowned at a grand event in Los Angeles hosted by none other than Siragusa and YouTube legend Alpharad.

Creating hype around the show, she remarked on Instagram:

“We are so excited to have some of the biggest creators on Youtube and Twitch competing for the crown in a pageant on Sunday, December 4th LIVE at The Novo in Los Angeles,”

That’s not all; taking to her official Twitter handle, the online personality further talked about the rules of participation and stated that the show’s ultimate goal is to find the most talented creators across the metaverse. The official tweet noted:

“A LIVE beauty pageant hosted by Alpharad and Amouranth in hopes of finding the most talented creator across the metaverse. DECEMBER 4TH, 2022. LOS ANGELES, CA. (tickets go live on Friday).”

Amouranth Mr and Ms Metaverse

At the time of writing, it is still unclear who will compete in this pageant for the top position, but given how it is still a few months away from revealing its participants to the world, creators can groove themselves accordingly.

Given that Amourath will be hosting this grand event, it’s no surprise that there will be a few hot-tub creators from the purple platform as participants and some of the biggest names in the streaming industry as guests, including the likes of Alinity, CodeMiko, and many more.

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Tickets are available now, with the venue’s capacity at a whopping 2,400. More details and names of the participants will be unveiled in the coming few years, along with what fans can expect from this fun yet unique event idea.

NOTE – The participant’s list hasn’t been officially released yet.

Who Is Amourath – The Controversy Queen Of Twitch?

While the most popular female creators of the streaming landscape are known for their video game content and fun challenges, Amouranth has built her massive following through hot-tub streams, IRL, and Just Chatting streams.

However, with such an impressive following, there is a major downside to it. Over the past couple of years, the ASMR queen has had her fair share of controversies and a series of bans from Twitch. Amourath has been banned from Twitch on many occasions for a variety of different reasons.

Be it her inappropriate dress, any controversial remarks, or even partaking in sexually suggestive ASMR streams, she has been banned a total of five times. But this ban has never affected her in a wrong way.

She has always returned from these temporary suspensions with a bang, and often times her return comes with a surge of new subscribers and viewers for her.

In May 2022, Amouranth took the streaming world by storm with one of her most controversial videos. She created an entire ASMR routine revolving around her fart jars, much to the amazement of viewers.

For context, in February 2022, she started her new business venture called Cuties patooties, where he retails fart jars and her own hair online at an all-time high rate.

With that being said, although she has faced immense criticism due to her unique content, there is absolutely no denying that she is one of the hardest working creators on Twitch, putting in long streaming hours for her viewers and is extremely consistent with her content creation journey.

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