Amouranth, the controversial star of twitch and a celeb with a huge number of followers on Onlyfans, recently was a victim of an online hack attempt where some hacker who is still unknown tried to steal almost $900K from her. Fortunately, the amount was not fully transferred since the hacker could not do so.

Amouranth is one of the most popular OnlyFans creators, and it is reasonable to assume that her work produces an unbelievable sum of money, and anyone who has authority over it is surely earning money in 6 figures. Amouranth has made over $33 million dollars from OnlyFans alone over the past years, and that figure is expected to rise as she is looking to postpone her retirement plans.

Amouranth Onlyfans Hacked? Was The Hacker Able To Steal Money

When Amouranth’s OnlyFans account was hacked, she immediately rushed to Twitter to relay the news. She stated that the incident occurred on October 12th, when the hacker attempted to log in to their private bank account to transfer the funds that had been in her OnlyFans account, which she estimated to be $900,000.

She reported that her primary OnlyFans account, which had a $900,000 sum that had not yet been removed, had been hacked, as shown in the image above. The streamer was fortunate in that the hacker was unable to alter her bank information to their own because it could not be confirmed.

Hackers these days have a lot of power when it comes to things on the internet as they know certain loop hopes and bugs which they can exploit to gain the upper hand, and this seems to be the case in amouranth’s case as well since Siragusa said that she had two-factor authentication enabled, but the hacker still managed to gain access.

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Amouranth went on to say that the only reason she still had $900,000 in her account was due to her Onlyfans preferences.

The reason she has that much money is that OnlyFans creators have withdrawal frequency and volume limits. Thus many famous creators and artists on the platform undoubtedly have thousands of dollars in their accounts.

Amouranth’s Response And How To keep Your Onlyfans Account Safe

Amouranth responded, claiming that the hacker wanted to connect their personal banking information to her account. Fortunately for the streamer, it appears that the hacker was unable to join their accounts when Amouranth tweeted the error code she received.

Perhaps, the streamer can regain control of her account and implement further safety measures to avoid such attacks in the future, but at least her money is still secure after this horrific incident.

How To Keep Your Onlyfans Account Safe:

Keeping Your Onlyfans Account Safe
Source: Onlyfans

If your using Onlyfans to create content and interact with your followers and fans, you need to maintain a certain level of distance so that you will be safe and your followers will be too. Let’s discuss some aspects of how you can use your onlyfans account more safely.

  • Use A Stage Name

To keep your onlyfans account safe and secure, users can always adopt a stage name, as renowned musicians, actresses, and artists have long been. Aside from concealing your true identity, choosing a good stage name may be a lot of fun and useful to your profession in the long term.

A stage name, for example, might help you stand out if you have a popular name or share a name with someone famous.

  • Don’t Post Any Personal Or Revealing Information

To keep you’re Onlyfans account completely secure, creators should be cautious about what they publish on their OnlyFans account, especially sensitive information such as email addresses and phone numbers. Those are obvious but also c Consider suppressing less evident aspects of yourself as well.

  • Make You’re Onlyfans Account Private

Making your OnlyFans account private is another method to secure your online identity as an OnlyFans content provider. Having a private account means you can choose who can and cannot access your content, engage with fans and other artists, or even know you’re online.

Make an effort to investigate the plethora of effective security measures that Onlyfans provides its creators in order to keep your account confidential and your information secure. You can, for example, disable the ‘Show activity status’ option or ban and limit particular persons from interacting with your postings.

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