Forget about fantasy worlds and epic battles – get ready for the thrills of luxury long-haul truck driving! If you want to take a break from reality without sacrificing realism, check out these 10 best truck simulator games. From enormous rigs equipped with all sorts of modern gadgets to large virtual landscapes that look just like real ones, and with their stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, these apps promise an unforgettable experience as you test your skills at driving one of the world’s most powerful machines.

Whichever one catches your eye is sure to provide an unforgettable experience thanks to the advancements in mobile technology. So whether you consider yourself a pro driver or merely a curious traveler, embark on these awesome journeys today!

10 Best Truck Simulator Games For Android & PC

With the help of our gaming experts, we have put together a list of some exceptional truck simulator games for android devices. Get ready to experience all that truck driving has to offer – from challenging maneuvers and realistic visuals, these titles will make you feel like you’re behind the wheel. Let’s hit the road!

1) World Truck Driving Simulator

Best Truck Simulator Game World Truck Driving Simulator

From powerful rigs to colorful accessories, World Truck Driving Simulator is the king of mobile trucker games! With 32+ upgradable trucks and over 100 towns at your disposal, plus realistic weather effects—rain or shine you can experience it all. Not only that but get ready for serious competition with multiplayer options and races where size matters.

This truck simulator game clocks in a hefty 740 MB, so make sure to bring an Android phone running version 7 along with 2 GB RAM – no pit stop required! Get behind the wheel today on a customized adventure like never before.

Key Features:

  • The ability to adjust steering sensitivity and choose different control types.
  • Realistic smoke in the exhaust.
  • The option for both automatic and manual gearboxes.
  • Adjusting the driver’s position in the cabin.
  • A large open-world map featuring multiple cities (with the possibility of future expansions in updates).

Download: Google Play Store

2) Truck Simulator: Ultimate

Best Truck Simulator Games Truck Simulator Ultimate

Take the wheel of one of the world’s most iconic truck brands and put your skills to the test in Truck Simulator: Ultimate! This realistic driving simulator features stunning 3D graphics, intuitive controls with real-world physics, and multiple customization options. Tackle highway roads or venture offroad – no matter where you decide to drive, an exciting experience awaits you. Unlock special achievements as you progress through your journey!

You’ll also get to manage your global transportation network from over 100 towns. Race with friends using one of 32+ upgradable trucks on highways featuring realistic weather effects – even entering rest zones for that true-to-life feel.

Key Features:

  • Wide variety of trucks to choose from and customize.
  • Realistic physics and weather conditions.
  • Detailed open-world map with multiple cities and environments.
  • Multiple gameplay modes, including career, free roam, and multiplayer.
  • Extensive customization options for trucks, including paint jobs, decals, and upgrades.

Download: Google Play Store

3) Euro Truck Evolution

Best Truck Simulator Games Euro Truck Evolution


Euro Truck Evolution is an iconic truck simulation game that takes players on a wild ride across Europe. Become the owner of your own fleet and customize it with licensed trucks, parts, decals – you name it! From career to free-roam to multiplayer modes – this realistic experience will make any driver feel like they’re really behind the wheel.

The detailed graphics provide smooth gameplay for hours at just 254 MB in size! Experience driving never before seen with Euro Truck Evolution today.

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Key Features:

  • Wide selection of licensed trucks to choose from and customize
  • Option to upgrade and customize trucks with various parts and decals
  • Detailed graphics and immersive gameplay experience
  • The AI traffic system is highly advanced
  • Damages on the truck can be seen visually

Download: Google Play Store

4) Truck Simulation 19

Best Truck Simulator Games For Android Truck Simulation 19

Truck Simulation 2019 came out a while ago, but it still is one of the best truck simulator games for Android out there as of now and don’t worry the devs keep updating the game so the game doesn’t feel that much old. You can choose from a plethora of truck collections along with the type of cargo you want to transport. Players get to experience all the beautiful city roads and highways.

Along with all this, you get a lot of challenging missions and objectives to complete that really test your trucking skills. You can also customize your truck’s different paint jobs and accessories. We highly recommend this game if you are a hardcore truck enthusiast.

Key Features:

  • The game has realistic physics and immersive gameplay for a thrilling and challenging driving experience.
  • Wide selection of trucks to choose from and a variety of cargo types for transporting.
  • Off-road driving simulation with realistic physics and immersive gameplay.
  • Customization options for trucks (paint jobs, accessories)

Download: Google Play Store

5) Heavy Truck Simulator

Best Truck Simulator Games Heavy Truck Simulator

Step into the driver’s seat and hit the road with Heavy Truck Simulator! Experience a thrilling and challenging drive as you maneuver through busy highways, tight city streets, and off-road trails. With realistic physics that brings your journey to life, select from an array of trucks equipped with unique capabilities.

All are combined in stunning 3D graphics and immersive sound effects for maximum immersion. So buckle up and start driving – it’s time to take on some awesome trucking missions!

Key Features:

  • Navigate through various environments, including cities, highways, and off-road trails.
  • Complete missions and deliver cargo to destinations.
  • Stunning 3D graphics and realistic sound effects for an immersive gaming experience.
  • Wide selection of trucks to choose from, each with unique characteristics and capabilities.

Download: Google Play Store

6) Euro Truck Driver 2018

Best Truck Simulator Games Euro Truck Driver 2018

Euro Truck Driver 2018 is the ultimate road trip experience! From gorgeous European landscapes and bustling cities to a wide selection of custom-tune trucks – you can live out your wildest driving fantasies. This game has something for everyone: explore vast open-world maps with diverse terrains from deserts to snow-covered mountains.

Get behind the wheel feeling like it’s real life thanks to realistic controls, including tilt steering, buttons, and even simulated wheels with manual transmission options that make every journey unique. Start up your engine truckers – Euro Trip awaits!

Key Features:

  • Driving simulation game set in beautiful European landscapes and cities.
  • Create your own personal oasis on wheels, including a vibrant paint job to the perfect truck accessory.
  • Massive open world map of Europe with diverse terrains and climates.
  • Realistic controls, including tilt steering, buttons, and simulated steering wheel.

Download: Google Play Store

7) Truck Simulator USA Evolution

Best Truck Simulator Games Truck Simulator USA Evolution

Take a road trip across the US, Canada, and Mexico as you transport cargo with Truck Simulator USA – Evolution! This immersive driving simulation game lets players experience all that America has to offer behind the wheel of an iconic American truck brand. With realistic controls like manual transmission systems and accurate engine sounds, it’s easy to feel just like a pro driver out on the open highway.

Launched in 2017 but still highly enjoyable today – download this free game for Android now (169 MB) for some serious road-tripping fun!

Key Features:

  • Driving simulation game set in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Features American truck brands.
  • Realistic weather and controls, including manual transmission systems.
  • Accurate engine sounds for an immersive gameplay experience.
  • Available for free and has a size of about 169 MB.

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Download: Google Play Store

8) Grand Truck Simulator

Best Truck Simulator Games Grand Truck Simulator

Get ready for an unforgettable truck driving experience with Grand Truck Simulator! Customize your vehicle with awesome skins, suspensions, lights, and more. Enjoy retro-styled graphics from another era that remain highly immersive today – perfect for a classic gaming feel. Put the pedal to the metal while you listen in on realistic engine and brake noises and honks of other trucks along your route.

This ultra-lightweight title runs efficiently even on smartphones or tablets running a quad-core processor plus 1GB RAM system—so start revving up those engines today!

Key Features:

  • Mobile truck simulator with impressive customizing options.
  • Ultra-lightweight design allows it to run on even smartphones with a quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM.
  • Realistic mechanics and real-life truck noises for engines, brakes, and horns.
  • Retro-styled graphics, trucks, locations, and more for a unique gaming experience.
  • Highly immersive and customizable driving simulation game for mobile devices.

Download: Google Play Store

9) Truck Simulator Off-Road 2

Best Truck Simulator Games Truck Simulator Off-Road 2

Are you ready for the off-roading challenge of a lifetime? With Truck Simulator OffRoad 2, buckle up and get behind 50 realistic vehicles. Conquer rugged terrains with your own unique missions – from hauling cargo to navigating treacherous terrain. Experience ultra-realistic physics in this adrenaline inducing ride.

Take on an immersive career system that’s sure to keep you entertained all night long as your skills are tested along every twist and turn. Put yourself at the wheel for an unforgettable off-road adventure – it awaits!

Key Features:

  • Over 50 realistic vehicles to choose from.
  • Variety of missions ranging from hauling cargo to navigating tricky terrain.
  • Realistic physics engine for added realism and challenge.
  • Career system for extended replayability.
  • Rugged terrains and roads for an immersive experience.

Download: Google Play Store

10) Trash Truck Simulator

Best Truck Simulator Games Trash Truck Simulator

Ready to hit the streets, trash fans? Trash Truck Simulator is here – a unique and challenging truck driving simulator game where you pick up garbage from all corners of the city and then take it back for processing. Everything on this one’s been modeled perfectly with actual trucks, so get ready for an immersive experience.

Plus, why not make some money while burning rubbish at your plant or upgrade that bad boy as well?! Don’t worry if space is tight either since it clocks in at only 44 MB- free to download and play today!

Key Features:

  • Driving simulation game that tasks players with picking up trash in the city and transporting it to a trash processing plant.
  • Players must navigate through traffic and regularly stop to pick up and transfer their cargo.
  • Features completely modeled interiors based on accurate truck models.
  • Players can earn money by burning rubbish in the plant, which can be used to upgrade the plant or purchase more vehicles.
  • Unique and challenging truck simulation game for hard-core fans of the genre.

Download: Google Play Store


You will surely have a great time with this perfect list of truck simulator games to get your engines revving on Android! From hours of entertainment and challenging levels to multiplayer modes so you can show off your driving skills against friends. So find a pickup ride that fits you best from our selection, and let us know your experience in the comments below.

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