The newly introduced character called D.Va From Overwatch 2 has been getting quite a lot of attention lately. Primarily because it’s a new character and her abilities are also pretty interesting. It’s been almost a week since Overwatch 2 was released, and players have been encountering some bugs here and there, but overall the game is quite similar to its previous version.

However, you will notice some significant changes to the meta while keeping much of what makes the game distinctive. Overwatch 2 features the return of all of the famous heroes from the first game, including the newly launched D.Va, the South Korean Mech Pilot.

The professional gamer and a heroic nation-defender fight in a massive mech suit and is a deadly opponent, especially when fighting alone.

Is D.Va From Overwatch The Most Searched Character On Adult Sites?

There’s been a sudden surge of searches regarding the new character D.Va from Overwatch. The main goal of the search was to find D.Va on the world’s most famous pornsite (Pornhub). The name of the game is in the top 10 most searched on the site, and Overwatch hero D.Va once topped the adult site’s search ranking before falling to fourth place. You can see the popularity of each character by country on the adult site in the image below.

D.Va Most searched On Pornhub Statistics
Source: Pornhub Insights

Overwatch porn is not a new phenomenon. We all know the original game was released, and die-hard fans began to integrate its characters into pornographic movies and scenarios. Whether it’s actors cosplaying as Overwatch’s characters and indulging in behaviors that you won’t see in the game or badly animated recreations of those characters doing similar things.

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As far as the eyes go, only a few games’ erotic scenes are as popular as Overwatch’s. After everyone has enjoyed watching Overwatch 2 characters do nasty stuff and, as a result, erase their browsing data after an intensive night of picking their primary both in and out of the game, time will tell which characters top the porn search rankings.

D.Va Skills And How To Unlock Her

D.Va is a tanking character in Overwatch 2, which suggests she has a larger health reserve than damage or support characters. As a tank character, she can take a lot of damage before dying and provides good mobility protection for your team’s more vulnerable heroes.

Some D.Va Skills And Abilities Include :

D.Va’s fire skill includes projecting a translucent defense barrier that prevents all incoming projectile assaults. It lasts 3 seconds and can be canceled before the time has run out. The matrix is incapable of defending against melee or beam assaults.

D.Va Skills And Abilites
Source: Blizzard

When she directs her Mech towards opponents before ejecting, she does damage on impact, and the explosion may cause over 2k damage. She also has the ability to overcharge her Mech and eject it away before it destroys after a brief interval. This ability may be employed while moving and is especially helpful when used in combination with Booster Rockets.

How To Unlock D.Va

D.Va is not among the 15 characters who are free to play in Overwatch 2, as it is with other newcomers. Unlocking her, on the other hand, is relatively easy and does not take long. However, you must first complete the training program and enable internet play, where you can play with other players online.

All you have to do now to obtain D.Va is find 2 unranked matches that you can play, and you’ll have the character activated. You could even acquire her after winning only one match because a win qualifies as a double victory throughout the first 150 games.

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