Nicholas Kolcheff, better known by his nickname Nickmercs is an American gaming streamer and the former owner of the well-known Faze Clan who plays and competes in games like apex legends, Fortnite, and call of duty. Nickmercs has been acknowledged as the best streamer of the game call of duty.

He became a very hardcore gamer in his early teens, and he is also very well-known for his amazing game style and has gained the title of a professional gamer. He achieved great popularity playing ‘call of duty; later, he made a name for himself by playing ‘Fortnite.’

Nickmercs holds the world record for the highest number of kills in Fortnite, and his Fortnite streams are one of the most watched streams. Nickmercs also has a huge fan following on YouTube as people love to watch his live streams.

Nickmercs Gaming Setup That He Currently Uses

Here we will be talking about Nickmerc’s complete gaming setup that he is using currently. All of his gaming hardware like a mouse, keyboard, monitor, and Pc specs will be covered here so you won’t miss out on any important details.

1) Nickmercs Gaming Monitor

Nickmercs Gaming Monitor

Nickmercs uses a 25-inches Alienware monitor for high-level tournaments and all the intense gaming sessions. It’s one of the best monitors, providing next-level performance with its full HD resolution and 240Hertz refresh rate. One of its main advantages is its ultra-smooth gaming experience compared to other models.

This monitor’s panel offers a 240Hertz refresh rate which is considered very high, and it is suitable for most users except hardcore gamers who prefer liquidity in hot drop action games. But it also comes with some disadvantages.

Its color performance is average, and the G-sync is not very smooth. But it still provides high-end performance. It has a very brittle foundation, so you will need to be careful with it, and its adjustability is great as users can adjust the screen according to their liking.

2) Nickmercs Gaming Mouse

Nickmercs Gaming Mouse

The mouse that Nickmercs uses is a Logitech G Pro wireless mouse. Although he mainly uses a gaming controller, if you see him using a mouse, it will be the Logitech G Pro. This mouse is highly customizable and easy to use.

It has an ergonomic design that makes it very easy to control, and users can also access key mapping. It features light-speed technology, providing users with a fast and ultra-smooth experience.

It comes with a monster battery life providing the users a battery backup of up to 60 hours. Gamers and everyday users who are fond of seamless gaming and a smooth experience can buy this mouse without worry.

3) Nickmercs Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Nickmercs Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Nickmercs uses a Logitech G Pro mechanical keyboard for all his gaming and streaming purposes. This keyboard is designed for gamers as it provides a power pack performance. It has very sturdy mechanical buttons designed for 50 million keystrokes. It offers excellent connectivity and delivers high speed and accuracy with each keystroke.

The keyboard’s removable side buttons are an amazing surprise for users. It also provides great RGB lights for a fashionable look with light sync technology. Another feature highlight of this keyboard is the 3-step angle adjustment which is also a huge feature.

4) Nickmercs Gaming Controller

Nickmercs Gaming Controller

Nickmercs uses a Scuff Infinity 4PS PRO MFAM controller. This Infinity series controller is fully programmable. It has a replaceable paddle that can be adjusted for increased control. To be honest, with this controller, not only nickmercs but anybody can play games with great ease.

This includes features such as grips, button colors, and faceplates. The military grip with the controller gives a very excellent hand feel. The controller can be used in both ways wired and also wireless. It comes with electromagnetic key remapping, another excellent option for gamers.

You can map the keys according to you’re personal preference and usage. The ring and lock key feature is yet another next-level innovation making this controller a must-have for intense-level gaming.

5) Nickmercs Gaming Headset

Nickmercs Gaming Headset

The gaming headset which Nickmercs uses is the Astro A40 headset. This headset has been designed to meet high comfort, durability, and audio reliability standards. He has been using this headset since 2006 and has no plans to change it. They provide a reliable gaming experience thanks to their adjustable microphone, excellent sound quality, and connectivity options.

The Astro A40 TR performs excellently in several key aspects essential to gaming headsets. It is compatible with various game platforms and other gadgets. The color palette is a matter of taste, but some people find the design unpleasant.

Unfortunately, it comes with a significant drawback which is its cost; it is highly costly, more than competing headsets with equivalent functionality. If you’re an Astro fan, then you must consider this headset. Otherwise, there are many alternatives available in the market cheaper than this headset that provides the same features.

6) Nickmercs Streaming Webcam

Nickmercs Streaming Webcam


The webcam used by Nickmercs for streaming sessions is Logitech C922. This webcam is widely used by streamers and vloggers all around the globe. It can easily record videos at a resolution of 1080 pixels at 30 frames per second, providing the users with the best quality lag-free and ultra-smooth videos.

This camera can also tune up the lighting conditions, giving crystal clear videos with unique textures. The Logitech C922 comes with the outstanding feature of background editing. With this option, the user can remove or replace the background.

It also comes with dual mic stereo sound. It contains built-in two omnidirectional microphones which capture sound from different angles and provide crystal clear sound. This webcam is a very heavy-duty camera with premium features.

7) Nickmercs Mic

Nickmercs Mic

Nickmercs uses Shure’s SM7B mic. The technology used to build this professional studio microphone is highly helpful in protecting your speech from various mechanical interference. Professional microphones like the Shure SM7B have noise reduction technology that guarantees reliable performance and premium build quality.

This microphone is intended for ambitious professionals and experienced business people. The alternative response fits the needs of different studios, and the consistent frequency response fits all recording areas. This mic has only one polar pattern, the cardioid, which makes it unsuitable for general use.

Its technology and design allow you to record great audio that requires less reliable post-processing and consistency. Even though it costs more than most other mics on the market, its construction quality will probably make it last a lifetime making it a great option for gamers and streamers.

8) Nickmercs Gaming Chair

Nickmercs Gaming Chair

The Steelcase gesture office chair is currently being used by Nickmercs as his gaming chair. Cold molded foam and premium breathable graphite fabric are used in the construction of this chair to create a very comfortable seating experience. It has many customizable features which make it suitable for people of different shapes and sizes.

If price is considered, then this chair’s price is comparatively nominal. Since he’s been using this chair in his gaming setup for a while, Nickmercs is aware of the benefits of a high-strength chair in enabling him to perform at his peak level when gaming. In short, this chair is very comfortable and relaxing, and gamers can use this chair hassle-free for long durations.

9) Nickmercs Gaming Desk

Nickmercs Gaming Desk

When it comes to desks, nickmercs uses a custom-built office desk in his gaming studio. It is a very simple but custom office desk that is easily available in the online or offline market.

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Nickmercs PC Specs And Cover

Nickmercs has a customized PC. It is built with very high-performance components that enable nickmercs to play games efficiently and comfortably, providing him with the best performance. Below we will talk about the details of his PC:

1) What PC Case Does He Use?

Nickmercs PC Case

Nickmercs uses an NZXT H510 Elite mid-tower gaming case. It is a very premium and descent looking PC case. It has a very sleek and minimal design, and it comes with two tempered glass panel RGB lighting stations, which give it a very modern look.

On the case’s front panel, two USB type-c connectors are responsible for lightning-fast external storage connections. This pc case provides a clear, compact, and modern design that every user loves to have and see.

2) Nickmercs PC Motherboard Specifications

Nickmercs PC Motherboard Specifications

Nickmercs use the Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro, one of the most powerful pc motherboards. Without a powerful gaming motherboard, your computer will not be able to handle the additional components needed to run the game. Based on the AMD X570 chipset, the GIGABYTE X570 Aorus Pro fully supports the AMD Ryzen processor.

As it gives high performance, it also produces a significant amount of heat. The processor is attached with an integrated fan to overcome the heat it produces. This fan is no ordinary fan. It is a smart fan that has different modes for different speeds. Overall we think it’s a great addition making the whole PC more powerful.

3) PC Processor Details

The processor which is in Nickmercs PC is the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X. This processor has a very excellent performance in multitasking. This 16-core manual overclocking processor provides peak performance when it comes to gaming. It also handles day-to-day tasks effortlessly. It offers decent thermals even when heavy use is being done.

However, it comes with some cons that the audience criticized. This processor was complained about being overpowered consuming. It is said to be non-power efficient. Another drawback this processor has is that it does not come with a CPU cooler out of the box.

For main gaming sessions, Nickmercs uses an intel core i9-9900k desktop processor. This processor is packed with eight cores which provide premium gaming performance. It is an excellent treat for gamers and people who use multitasking. It gives a 5GHz peak performance with an ultra-smooth experience.

4) Nickmercs PC Graphic Card

Nickmercs PC Graphic Card

Nickmercs uses a GeForce RTX 3090 graphic card. The RTX 3090 breaks the barrier of visual optimization, providing the user with extreme performance. All professionals and gamers significantly consider this graphic card as it is regarded as one of the most powerful graphics cards in the whole world.

It can efficiently run all kinds of heavy games and easily carry out its functions. It can provide great 4k graphics with excellent resolution. The RTX 3090 has a highly heavy-duty GPU that makes rendering very fast, and the hardware acceleration is yet another superb feature for outstanding performance.

But if you buy and use this graphic card, you will surely realize that the price is relatively very high, but the performance that this card provides is premium, which no other card offers in this category.

5) Nickmercs PC RAM

Nickmercs uses the G. Skill TridentZ RGB Series 32GB RAM for his gaming PC. This is a DDR4 Ram which provides maximum speed for intense gaming and streaming. It allows the user to operate multiple tasks without any lag.

This RAM is equipped with aluminum heat distributors, which can evenly carry out the heat to overcome heating and keep the experience smooth and sleek.

6) PC Cooler

Nickmercs PC Cooler

Nickmercs uses NZXT Kraken Liquid Cooler on his pc. This cooler is engineered for superior and next-level cooling while keeping the noise as low as possible. This cooler consists of the latest NZXT technology, which enables the user to monitor the air pump speed and liquid temperature.

In addition to its great features, this cooler comes with advanced lighting options. It consists of an infinity mirror design which allows the user to add great color effects to the cooler. Concluding, this cooler can prove to be very beneficial for gaming computers.

Nickmercs PC Total Worth

The total worth of Nickmercs gaming PC is somewhere around $8,000 and his streaming PC’s cost is also around that price. So, if you combine them both his total PC worth would be around $16,000.

However, while his gaming setup is already so expensive, it is nothing compared to the expense of his gaming studio which he has in Michigan. Nickmercs’ custom-built gaming studio in Michigan costs more than $300,000 to construct.

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