We all have been waiting for Warzone 2 to release for some time now and have been passing the time by playing Warzone and complaining about the game and its various defects (we all know the game is far away from perfect). However, we love some of the game modes in a warzone, such as Rebirth Islands and Fortune’s Keep, as they are so much fun to play with.

These game modes are so popular as they take away all the stress that we usually get to see in a single battle royal game mode where every tryhard is just sweating out and camping around in some corner waiting to jump up on you.

So, the main question for us is, will warzone 2 keep the rebirth island or get rid of it? Let’s find out!

Will Warzone 2 Remove Rebirth Island?

We all know that the Rebirth Island and Resurgence maps are great fan favorites that everyone enjoys playing, but according to a leaker known as TheGhostOfHope, both Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep will be removed when Warzone 2 is launched.

These shorter Rebirth game modes are a hotbed of fast-paced Call of Duty warfare, with players constantly finding themselves engaged in shootouts, with a shortage of fighting being a common criticism leveled against Caldera (Game mode in Warzone) in particular.

Will Warzone 2 Remove Rebirth Island
Source: Activision

Many people who are playing Warzone now are only playing for the purpose of jumping into smaller maps like resurgence and rebirth and skipping the larger game modes like caldera.

However, it appears that this will soon come to a stop, with leakers and many others stating that both will be removed when Warzone 2 is released on November 16.

The COD leaker known as GhostOfHope did not offer any justification for the game’s sudden change, but Activision is probably looking to shift as many players as they can to Warzone 2 rather than splitting the player base between two COD games. However, we are confident that this has not yet been confirmed by Activision. Therefore we advise you to treat such rumors with caution.

Nevertheless, it appears like our time with Rebirth Island, and Fortune’s Keep is coming to an end, so if you enjoy playing on these maps, it may be wise to make the most of them before Warzone 2 releases.

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Warzone 2 Loadout Details – Will We Still Have Loadout Drops?

Players have started playing the beta version of the game COD Modern Warfare 2, which appears to be working OK so far with a few issues here and there, as is to be anticipated in any beta release. Because most of the game elements will be the same in Warzone 2, we can make some very educated guesses about how Warzone 2 will operate.

The Shop is a new element in the game that functions as the upgraded Buy Stations in Warzone 2. You can purchase and upgrade weapons and equipment, including your unique weapon.

Will Warzone 2 Have Loadout Drops
Source: Activision

Naturally, with this functionality, we believe that loadout drops are no longer required, and fans worldwide are anxious to learn whether or not the Loadout system will be eliminated. Warzone 2 won’t have any Loadout drops as they are being replaced with customized weaponry and a shop system.

Before, all the players in Warzone could purchase a Loadout drop from a buy station that included the Main and Secondary Weapon, grenades, lethal, and three bonus Perks. However, in Warzone 2, you can only buy customized weapons from The Shop.

In addition to the fully-equipped Loadout system swap, eliminating Perks is a big change in Warzone 2. Players won’t be able to use any perks in Warzone 2.

The inability to equip Perks will undoubtedly alter certain gameplay parts, and players must adjust accordingly. Tactical and lethal gear items will also be now found as ground loot.

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