One search on Google and you’ll find thousands of articles on personal privacy and how yours is not safe. A new way of protecting it is to use the new Gliph App for iPhone and Android. Launching at SXSW today, the app allows you to store your personal facets such as first and last name, phone number, email, Twitter and Facebook information and choose how much and to whom you share it. Better yet, your private details are encrypted for maximum privacy.
Glyph uses simple native interfaces and allows users to select their own “gliph” pseudonym, which is a combination of three to five visual icons such as a star, mushroom or diamond. So instead of divulging all of your important and private information, you can simply hand over your gliph and follow up via in-app text messaging. It’s a natural progression of building a relationship. You can give as much or as little of your personal details as you’d like. Besides, not everyone is Facebook worthy and it’s not always good to give out your number to strangers.
“We believe people are multi-faceted and should be allowed to reflect a unique identity that matches each relationship, whether it be professional or social,” said Rob Banagale co-founder, and CEO. “Gliph lets people reveal only what’s appropriate and earn trust over time—just like we all do in off-line relationships.”
Banagale says that Gliph is the first company to offer cross-platform applications that deliver encrypted text messaging and personal information exchange. The app uses security measures to ensure your conversations and personal data are signed and encrypted, in transit and prior to being stored on the server.
“We secure your first name better than most websites secure your credit card information,” Banagale added.
If you’re at SXSW in Austin, then make sure to stop by their cart at the southwest corner of 4th Street and N. Congress Avenue where Gliph will be offering free mobile device charging daily from 12 p.m. to 1 a.m. CST. Their “Yeti” mascot will be making appearances downtown and they’ve partnered with Brookly-based band Runaway Dorothy, which will perform showcases throughout the week as well.