If you enjoy simple flick-style sports-themed arcade games and soccer is your main goal, then check out Go Soccer for iPhone and iPod Touch. A quick, pick-up-and-play style game that takes advantage of flick-style controls and pits players against a moving target in the soccer goal. Aim and flick to score points for hitting the target with the ball and earn more points with consecutive marks.
Go Soccer has two modes of play – Challenge and Chain. In Challenge mode players get 10 balls and the game keeps track of consecutive marks, misses, accuracy, and point total and players compete against for the best score. Chain mode is based on attaining the highest number of consecutive target hits.
Go Soccer is simple to play. Variables for increased challenge include changing wind speeds and direction along with relocating targets. A tutorial is included and though the controls are simple to figure out and execute, they are a bit tricky to master, making it a little challenging to improve your aim from game to game. The two different modes don’t provide a great deal of variance in game play, but at least allow players to focus on different tasks.
As a pick-up-and-play sports themed game, Go Soccer is adequate. There may be other flick style sports games that are more engaging (and some of those free), but the soccer theme and ease of play make it a good enough game suitable for soccer fans of all ages.