GossApe Girl NFT is a collection of 7,000 unique and distinctive NFTs. The moto of the project is to promote and embody inclusiveness, equality, and beauty in each Goss Ape Girl NFT. The GossApe Girl NFT project is based on the Ethereum blockchain.

GossApe Girl NFT is in the news lately and it’s all about girl power!. GossApe Girl NFT is inspired by the popular TV series Gossip Girl which was created by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

How does GossApe Girl stand out of the crowd of Ape inspired projects like the Bored Ape Yacht club or the Desperate Ape Wives NFT or the 90s Ape Club? It is right in the name! Know everything about the project here. 

Launch Date January 23, 2022
GossApe Girl NFT Mint Price 0.0502 ETH
GossApe Girl NFT Items 7,502
Unique Owners 3,400
GossApe Girl NFT Floor Price (Current) 0.149 ETH
Volume Traded 2.8K ETH

(The above details stand valid as of 15th February 2022)

Each GossApe Girl NFT has been painstakingly hand-drawn, each artwork exudes fantastic fashion sense and confidence, and, of course, a dash of luck via algorithmic generation. Most importantly, the GossApe Girl NFT is on a mission to instil an atmosphere of inclusivity, equality, and beauty in the NFT area. The creators believe that cool-looking and lovely Ape Ladies are underrepresented significantly and they are here to change it. 

230 different traits have been varied to give each GossApe Girl NFT uniqueness which can be flaunted over several social media platforms.

Goss Ape Girl NFTs Core Team

How To Buy GossApe Girl NFT
Source: gossapegirl.com

The core team of GossApe Girl NFTs consists of six people. Z3Y who is the Art Director and Stylist, Wynedd who is the Founder Project lead,0XTWO-O who is the Tech Co-Founder and the Blockchain Wizard, Sarrora who is the Head Moderator, Arshavin who is the Discord Manager and lastly, Alphaint, who is the Project Advisor. The team is hell-bent on bringing a revolution in the Ape based NFT space.

The owners of this NFT can also complete Intellectual Property Rights formalities and use their NFT any way they want as well as charge royalties from others who use their GossApe Girl NFT!

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GossApe Girl NFT Roadmap: Know The Projects Prospects.


The GossApe Girl NFT Roadmap is as unique and inclusive as the NFT project itself. The first quarter of the GossApe Girl NFT would kickstart with a charity fundraiser and donation This step would reflect the GossApe Girl NFT motto of inclusivity.

The GossApe Girl NFT also has serious Metaverse plans and would be buying land in the Metaverse to build the GossApe Girl NFT club.

Moreover, the project also aims at giving away 50 free NFTs randomly to the GossApe Girl NFT buyers who bought their NFT on the first day.

The project also hints at a Real-Life Event and further Meta-verse plans. It is also noteworthy to mention that the project has received endorsement from American actress Darcy Donovan and  Filipino Actress Heaven Parlejo and this has boosted the GossApe Girl NFT project to newer heights.

 Ultimately, the enthusiasts who hold on to their GossApe Girl NFTs for the long term benefit most instead of those who flip it for short term profits.

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GossApe Girl NFT Initial Sale & Mint Price. 


 The GossApe Girl NFT was sold out in its initial sale which took place on their official website on January 23rd, 2022. The GossApe Girl floor price was 0.29 ETH and the GossApe Gril mint price was 400 ETH plus gas fees.

How To Buy Goss Ape Girl NFT?

GossApe Girl NFT Roadmap
Source: gossapegirl.com

Since the primary sale of the GossApe Girl NFT was on their official website, the secondary sale is taking place at GossApe Girl Opensea. There are over 3400 unique owners of the GossApe Girl NFT and the volume traded is over 2600 ETH.

GossApe Girl NFT #6666 was sold for the highest prize, 14 ETH. Whereas GossApe Girl NFT #4302 was favourited the most, 728 times.

All this data is as per GossApe Girl NFT Opensea on 3rd February 2022.

Goss Ape Girl NFT Price Prediction


Seeing the kind of engagement the GossApe Girl NFT team has built and the kind of celebrity endorsement it has received, it is easy to assume that the project has a bright future and price is predictions are to the higher end. The roadmap of the project is very ambitious and its metaverse plans will certainly take it a long way ahead!


The Goss Ape Girl NFT project is unique and quirky in its own way. They are focusing on charity events to push for equality and inclusivity and the project also has solid metaverse plans. This makes the project different from any other Ape derivate NFT project. Moreover, community engagement and celebrity endorsement are also going to strengthen this project. We will have to wait and watch how this project pans out in the future.

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