Defy gravity with a high-tech version of the old-school hand-held games challenging players to put a ball in a hole. It sounds easy, but Gravity Force is a simple, free game that will challenge you to do just that. Gravity Force is essentially a challenge to maneuver a ball into its home spot, but you are working with (and against) gravity, as well as obstacles and objects, to accomplish the goal. The faster you can manage it, the more points the level is worth – it’s that simple.
Gravity Force essentially features three difficulty levels – beginning with an Earth level and graduating to the moon and finally Jupiter. There are a total of 36 progressively harder levels and while there’s no more depth to it than just the simple challenge, Gravity Force is a fun little pick-up-and-play game for killing a few moments of time. On the surface, Gravity Force may seem like nothing more than a basic tilting challenge puzzle of sorts, but dig a bit deeper and you’ll discover it has an educational undertone aimed at those interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).
Gravity Force is an iPhone app developed by Siemens, a global leader in electronic engineering. While the game is a moderately engaging freebie, it’s pretty clear Siemens is promoting STEM in education because there is also a nice little collection of “Siemens Science Day” videos that encourage kids to explore math and science along with a plug for Epcot Spaceship Earth. This actually makes Gravity Force a worthwhile download for educators. And fortunately it’s compatible with iPad — the platform the majority of classrooms are using. However, any kid with an interest in science and math should be encouraged to give it a look if they have access to a compatible device.
Educational and promotional undertones aside, Gravity Force is a quick bit of handheld manipulation fun that reminds you of something you’d find in a kids’ museum. Spacey-kind of music accompanies a pretty basic challenge that actually does get harder as it goes. Due to the fact that it’s available for free, there’s nothing to lose and the game supplies a bit of entertainment value while the science videos provide a bite-sized bit of science. Overall, Gravity Force has easily accessible content that makes it a no-brainer for educators and parents to share with kids.