It is common knowledge that educational games like GRE Vocabulary Scramble increase memory and IQ. But an important variable of worth is also how much fun the game actually is. Education is great but in order to enjoy learning, the teaching method is going to have to be truly exciting.
GRE Vocabulary Scramble is a combination of two games. It is mainly a vocabulary test extraordinaire aimed at students practicing to pass Graduate Records Examinations (GRE). But it is also a challenging word descrambler that can be a helpful tool for anyone looking to improve their language skills.
Here’s how GRE Vocabulary Scramble works: The definition of a word appears at the bottom center of the screen. You must then spell the correct word that matches the definition in the spaces provided. You can hit the ‘Hint’ button as many times as you want and it will input one letter at a time to fill in the correct answer. Once you think you know what the word is, you can click the ‘Solve’ button and have at it. It’s that simple.
But here’s the twister – you are also provided with your word onscreen with all the letters out of order. The game does not consider this cheating, even though we all know it is. How often are you stuck pondering a word’s definition when coincidentally the word’s letters magically appear — though scrambled — to guide you to right conclusion? Although it’s a helpful feature, we would like the option to use the jumble or turn it off for increased difficulty.
GRE Vocabulary Scramble is very informative and easy to use, but we prefer infotainment and the vocabulary scramble feels like a very slow way to learn new words. We suggest spicing it up in any way possible. Add some graphics or even an interesting background instead of the flat white. Add some moving “Congratulations!” fireworks or something shiny. Anything to hold the attention of the ADD-generation. I played with GRE Vocabulary Scramble for about ten minutes before I just couldn’t handle any more.
If you’ve got a great vocabulary or you’re a genius word descrambler, you will do very well at this app. And it is timed, so watch your step and keep focused.