A newbie in the long and growing list of music apps, Groove lets you take your music library for a new spin by providing a quick and easy way to listen to your songs. Groove was designed to help users “rediscover” their music library and it accomplishes this by being organized, intuitive, and bit more than “genius.”
Groove’s options are simple. Choose Feelin’ Groovy to get a mix of songs that go well together based on a song chosen at random from your library, or choose Surprise Me for a randomly generated mix, artist, or album. Users can also choose Favorites to access a mix of frequently listened to songs and Three of a Kind plays up to five sets of three songs by the same artists.
Each of the music mixes generated by Groove contains up to 15 songs. If you aren’t as pleased with the mix as you’d hoped, simply tap “refresh” within the featured list and a new one is automatically generated. If you want more control of your music, you can also purchase an in-app extra that allows you to save any generated mix to replay later or create a mix based on an artist of your choice, a specific play list or the currently playing song.
The in-app purchase is a decent add-on, but even without it Groove is functional and user-friendly and will most likely help you rediscover music you forgot about ever being in your library. Granted, this is where the add-on purchase comes in handy since any truly good mix can be instantly saved, but Groove stands alone for its quick creation of mix after mix. Because Groove links itself directly to your library, it will continue to play in the background after you exit. It also inexplicably generates album art for some songs that wasn’t previously included in your library.
If you’re tired of the obscure shuffle or genius just isn’t cutting it, give Groove by Zikera a try. It’s free, completely functional and provides you with a fun and different way to listen to your music.