When it comes to the expanding lineup of games on the iPad, GT Racing: Motor Academy HD proves once again that the racing genre outshines the rest.
GT Racing: Motor Academy is another excellent option and should especially appeal to automotive purists. This game requires one go through the steps of earning a license, buying a car, gaining sponsorships and improving performance over time. The details about the kinds of cars, making upgrades and crawling up through the racing circuit mean patience and will not be for those who want the quick, time-killing game that many iOS games are. But those who are willing to invest the time in it will be rewarded with a deep, true racing experience.
The racing events are separated into four categories. The performances determine the kind of money and car prizes that can be won. Begin one of the circuits to race toward glory, with additional wins providing cash for better cars and upgrades.
GT Racing: Motor Acadamy HD is a racer’s game. Players who have a sizable amount of knowledge about car brands and their particular strengths will enjoy upgrading to a BMW, Porsche or choosing from other higher-end cars. In fact, there are 25 manufacturers and 111 licensed cars in all. Of course, doing so requires finding success in the different racing circuits.
The game begins with earning a Class “C” license, which is done by passing a series of driving tests. The player must brake within the proper amount of time or pass other racers to demonstrate racing prowess. The challenges when going for the higher-level licenses can get quite challenging.
Like other racing games, GT Racing: Motor Academy is controlled by tilting the iPad like a steering wheel. A gas pedal and brake pad are on-screen to control those functions of the car. Driving feels really smooth and brings the game to life. If for some reason the default calibration settings don’t feel right, they can be tweaked through the menu.
Those who want to challenge others can play GT Racing: Motor Academy over a network or compete online. A growing number of iOS games are adding multiplayer capabilities, and this is a solid implementation. Players can log in or create an account to Gameloft’s network to get started.
While there is definitely a learning curve, GT Racing: Motor Academy HD is a worthy entry to the racing genre for the iPad. Users who invest the time will be glad they did.