Hape Prime NFT is the newest addition to the Ape Multiverse with 8192 next-gen, ultra-stylish, unique, and 3D NFTs created by Hape Beast. The project is built on the Ethereum Blockchain and a brainchild of a London-based digital artist – Matt Sypien (also an owner of BAYC/Board Ape Yacht Club NFT).

Launched on 19th January 2022, the primary Hape Prime NFT mint price was 0.2 ETH.

The Hape Beast project is still at its pre-revealing period but has made the headlines – mostly due to its connection or resemblance to the other Ape NFTs.

As of 24th January 2022, the Hape Prime NFT project has 276K followers on Twitter 451K members on Discord, and 165K followers on Instagram – quite massive, isn’t it?

Now, we all know that the Ape NFTs are the most expensive as well as the most successful ones.

So, will Hape Prime NFT be able to live up to the hype? Or is this a mere extension of the Ape Multiverse?

Here in this article, we will help you to draw the line by highlighting some of the most special and distinct features of the Hape Prime collection while making a calculative price prediction – so read on.

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Hape Prime NFT: Some Quick Statistics 

  • Total NFTs: 8192
  • Hape Prime NFT Floor Price: 8.21 ETH
  • Volume Traded: 31.9K ETH
  • Total Owners: 6.0K

(data as of Feb 4th 2022)

Hape Prime NFT: What Makes It So Special?

Hape Beast NFT Roadmap
Source: hapebeast.com

Hape Prime NFT is one of the most hyped NFT projects of 2022 so far, and as of 24th January 2022, the project is trending at number 2 at the OpenSea marketplace.

Hape Prime NFTs are the most stylish addition to the Ape Multiverse. The developers believe that the Hape NFTs will set high standards as the next-gen fashion leaders.

The project is still at its pre-revealing period (as of 24th January 2022), but if we go through the teaser on the official website, we can assess how stylish and unique they are going to be from the other Ape NFT projects.  

The back story of the Hape Beast NFT project goes like this – Two million years ago, there was a lighting strike, massive enough to fracture the Ape universe – and scatter them. Now, the Primal Hape is waiting for the entire family to rejoin – so they can plan a bigger and more stylish future together. 

They are beautiful, they are loved and they are a big family. In spite of the familiarity, they are unique to each other.

Do you want to be a part of it already? – Let’s go through their roadmap first.

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Hape Prime NFT Roadmap: What Do They Have Lined Up For The Hape Beast Owners?

The Hape Prime NFT project has its roadmap set in three phases:

Phase 1: In the Beginning

Phase 2: The Hape Machine

Phase 3: The Hapewalk

During the first phase, they are planning to make the first Airdrop and bring in some cool music. There will be more Hape Prime NFT airdrops during the 2nd phase. Along with that, the team has promised to launch some special collections. The project will also be integrated with Simian Engineering – a set of tools developed by Netflix and Amazon Web Services to increase security and resilience. In the 3rd phase, they will make a clothing collaboration where we may see some distinct and customized clothes.

Although the Hape Beast team hasn’t shared any details on when they are planning to make the first airdrop or begin the first phase of the roadmap, we are hopeful that it will be announced after the reveal.

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Hape Best Prime NFT Project: Current Price Trends

If we are to assess the current price graph on the OpenSea marketplace, on the day of the launch i.e. 19th January 2022, the average price was 6.26ETH with a traded volume of 7817.72ETH where the number of sales was 1287.

Since then, the Hape Prime price graph only went higher and it was at its peak on 23rd January 2022 where the average Hape Prime NFT floor price was 8.2ETH and the traded volume was 2690.61ETH. In the last 24 hours (as of 24th January 2022), the price has gone up 111.52% with a trading volume of 478.8ETH.

How To Buy Hape Prime NFT?

How To Buy Hape Prime NFT
Source: hapebeast.com

The primary sale of the Hape Prime collections was only restricted to the Hapelisted Hapes and there weren’t any public sales. Though, if we’re an owner of the Ape Genesis, you were granted the Golden ticket to mint the Hape Prime NFT.

Now, you can find them at the Hape Prime OpenSea marketplace. Although the reveal is yet to be made, you can place your bid by connecting your Digital Wallet.

A word of caution: The team has warned us to beware of the scammers and buy only the official Hape Prime NFTs.

Opensea Link for Hape Prime NFT: https://opensea.io/collection/hapeprime

(Disclaimer: Please do your due diligence before buying NFTS, there are many SCAM projects listed in NFT Marketplaces. Our articles are not any Investment advice)

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Hape Prime NFT Price Prediction: Should I Go For It?

To make a Hape Prime NFT Price Prediction, we would say that this could be a quite expensive endeavour if you are a first-time NFT investor or have a tight budget.

The bright side is that, in the case of most NFT projects, the hype cools off within a week or two, but the Hape Prime NFT project is one of the most talked-about NFT projects and its interest hasn’t declined over time. 

Apart from that, they have a far-sighted roadmap and have an experienced team. A good thing is that all the 8.1K NFTs are distributed within 6.3K Hape Prime owners. When an NFT project has so many owners, even at such a higher floor price, it reflects the project’s legitimacy and investors’ confidence in it. 

That said, we must add that the NFT market is volatile, so you should never take the numbers for granted and do continuous research.

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