Hedgies NFT project consists of 4.2K unique 3D collectable avatars based on the Ethereum Blockchain. 3D Art is always well-appreciated in the NFT space, and these cute hedgehog NFTs are backed by the dYdX exchange system.

The best thing the developers have done is that they have lowered the Hedgies NFT mint price. For the initial minting, the owners only had to pay for the gas fees.

Joined in December 2021, the project has 5245 followers on Twitter (as of 10th February 2022). And if we talk about the Hedgies NFT Discord, there are 30.4 K members.

There’s a lot more to know about this project and that is why, here in this article, we will cover all the features of Hedgies NFT project (from basics to the special ones). Later on, we will also try to make a calculated price prediction, which will surely help your buying decision – so read on.

Hedgies NFT: A Quick Overview 


Number of NFTs: 4200

Hedgies NFT Floor Price: 0.795ETH

Total Owners: 1.6K

Volume Traded: 1.7K

(As Of 24th February 2022)

Hedgies By dYdX: Turning You Into A Master Trader


Hedgies NFT Distribution Process


Source: hedgies.wtf

Hedgies NFT is an umbrella project of dYdX, and all the avatars are designed with different attributes when it comes to skin, eyes, nose, mouth, hair and of course, background. The designers have also ensured the rarity by giving the avatars different food items. The avatars are in 3D mode and the smooth details can easily be referred to as one of those cool animated movies.

The Hedgies NFTs are designed by Arek Kajda and Anna Kajda – both artists are masters in the field of 3D art. Maybe that is why dYdX has decided to give the artists a royalty fee of 2.5% for every resale.

The Hedgies NFT project was announced on 26th January 2022, while the initial distribution happened on 1st February 2022. The initial minting was only restricted to the governance voters and traders of dYdX.

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Hedgies NFT Distribution Process


There is a total of 4200 Hedgies NFT are available and the distribution will happen in the following two phases:

  • Initial Distribution
  • Ongoing distribution


Initial Distribution

Only 2443 Hedgies NFT were allocated for the initial distribution phase where each address can only mint 1 Hedgie.

The initial distribution will have 4 tiers where 805 Hedgies NFTs will be distributed to the owners who have participated in the dYdX community vote for the on-chain governance proposal. 1337 Hedgies NFTs will be kept for traders who have activity traded on Epoch 5. The rest will be kept for the final tier and will be open for public minting.

Ongoing Distribution

The ongoing distribution process will have the remaining 1757 Hedgies NFTs, which will be distributed to the traders over the next two years through rewards.

Perks Of Owning The Hedgies NFT


According to the Hedgies NFT website, the project will open up new possibilities to the community. Each Hedgies NFT is filled with information regarding crypto and trading, which will likely support the WEB3 culture.

To encourage and help the owners to earn profits, the Hedgies NFT project has come up with a reward system. There will be leagues or trading contests, and 1 Hedgies NFT will be airdropped to the top trader of the day. From 8th February 2022, 10 Hedgies NFTs will be airdropped weekly through these trading contests – and this will likely go on for the next 104 weeks.

Through the trading leagues, the developers want to bring in the best traders of the line and help to elevate their trading performances.

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Hedgies NFT League Structure


How To Buy Hedgies NFT

This will be a 5-tiered league where you will start with Bronze and will have to make your way to the Diamond.

The traders will have to compete with the other community members every week. Each week will be considered as “One Season”, and based on your performance every week, you will be either promoted to the next tier or demoted downwards.

Each league will have specific prizes – some in cash, and when all the leagues are launched, the total cash prize will be USD 350K/week.

The best thing is that the prizes will be automatically sent to your dYdX account at end of each season. As long as you are eligible for a particular league, you will be automatically included in that.

Hedgies NFT Price Statistics: Current Market Rates 


If we are to check the OpenSea stats, in the last 7 days (as of 10th February 2022), the sale has gone up by 685.17%. On 1st February 2022, the average price of a Hedgies NFT was 2.2 ETH. The project has made steady progress so far and as of 10th February 2022, the average price sits at 2.18ETH, while the all-time average price is 1.34 ETH.

Hedgies NFT Mint Price & How to Check for Rarity?

The public minting was open since 5th February 2022 at their official website. The Hedgies team offered NFTS for free on the minting stage and the minting only cost gas fees. However, all of them were sold out and now 2.4 k NFTs are available at the Hedgies NFT OpenSea marketplace.

How To Buy Hedgies NFT

Now you can bid on the Hedgies NFTs by connecting your digital wallet to the OpenSea platform. Make sure to check Hedgies NFT rarity from the Rarity. tools before placing your bid.

Hedgies website : https://dydx.exchange/

Hedgies NFT Price Prediction

The major asset of the Hedgies NFT project is reliability as it is backed by dYdX – one of the leading decentralized exchange platforms. The project may not have a specific roadmap section yet, but they have the plan set for the next 2 years. There will be trading contests throughout the year, which will not only offer cash benefits – but will offer a learning platform for the budding traders. There’s a lot more to come for the Hedgies NFT project – so being a part of this community can be advantageous if you approach it by weighing all the pros and cons.

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