Snoop Dogg has come up with a new collection of 10000 Doggies NFT avatars, revolutionising the gaming industry. These unique avatars will open up a new journey for users who have been fond of the Sandbox metaverse.

While people are still getting a hand on the Sandbox Alpha release, Sandbox has launched the Snoop Dogg Doggies NFT collection, which will be fully playable in the game. The rapper’s collection was launched on 22nd February at 10 pm UTC and is up for sale on the Doggies NFT OpenSea.

Doggies NFT By Snoop Dogg – An Overview

  • The Doggies NFT Mint Price – 150 $SAND per avatar (plus gas fee)
  • The Doggies NFT Floor Price – 0.35 ETH
  • Total Items – 10.0K
  • Volume Traded – 3.7K
  • Owners – 6.9K

(As of March 5th 2022)

The Doggies NFT SandBox Metaverse: Unbelievable NFTs

The Doggies NFT Mint Price

Image credits: snoopdogg

More than just collections, Snoop Dogg Doggies  NFT brings in a special feature that allows all the collectors to participate in the Sandbox metaverse. In the second season of the game, every collector can attend concerts, events and explore the metaverse like never before. Your dream of going to a Snoop Dogg concert can come true with the Doggie NFTs. Adding up to the surprise, some of the doggie avatars will also appear in a music video featuring The Sandbox.

The Doggies NFT: When Was It Lanched? 


The Doggies NFT was launched on its official website on 22nd February 2022. However, the collection is sold out fully at the sandbox. game website and now is up for sale on You can buy the Snoop Dogg Private Party Pass from opensea. Perhaps, this is your opportunity to be a part of a Snoop Dogg musical video.

Snoop Dogg Snoopverse Early Access Pass is available to buy at Sandbox. game

Snoopverse Early Access Pass Available Snopp Dogg

Doggies NFT Roadmap: Snoop Dogg Into The Metaverse


As of 25th February 2022, there isn’t a roadmap provided by the Doggies NFT developers. However, Sandbox is creating an integrated community for all NFT collectors who have been a part of the metaverse. The Snoop Dogg NFT avatar will be playable in the SandBox metaverse with the upcoming Alpha Season 2, expanding the community with different NFT holders as well.

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Snoop Dogg NFT:  Rarity And Hype

While buying the Doggies NFT avatar, provides an entry-ticket to the Sandbox metaverse, it can also be treated as a smart buy deal. Each Snoop is unique and well-crafted using 150 traits prepared by voxel-artists. Adding to the game, there are 7 different doggies NFT rarity versions that one can choose from. The 7 different rarity types are as follows –

  • Human – 63%
  • Blue – 11%
  • Alien – 10%
  • Zombie – 7%
  • Dogg – 5%
  • Robot – 3%
  • Golden – 1%


Apart from it, there are 3 special avatars that have been specially handcrafted by Snoop Dogg and Sandbox for the lucky collectors. One is free to choose from Dope, Classic, and Signature editions. Speaking of the Signature Edition, it has been a complete out-of-the-box experience. It’s as if Snoop came back from a different inter-dimensional planet.

Unveiling Doggies (Snoop Dogg) NFT Price And Statistics

How To Buy The Doggies NFT

Image credits: snoopdogg

The Doggies NFT >> Mint Price, Floor Price


The Snoop Dogg Doggies NFT collection dropped on 22nd February 2022 on its official website for a Mint price of 150 $SAND per avatar. However, grabbing one as soon as it launched was difficult. Since the launch, the floor price has risen to 1435 USD (or 0.55 ETH) compared to 450 USD (or 150 $SAND).

The Doggies NFT Price Prediction 2022.

The $SAND token is used for all the different NFTs available in the SandBox metaverse providing exclusivity to NFTs owners. Since the launch, the price for Snoop Dogg’s Doggies NFT has seen a rise as more avatars are getting sold out and since Sandbox has collaborated with different brands.

With the rapper’s popularity and the growth of NFTs across the globe, we expect an upward movement for the Doggies NFT price prediction.

How To Buy The Doggies NFT From Opensea – Guide For Newbies


Buying the collectables at the official site won’t be possible anymore as it is all sold out. Participants are free to visit Snoop Dogg Nft to buy the same.

  • Visit and search for the Doggies (Snoop Dogg). If you haven’t signed up to the portal, create an account and connect your wallet.
  • You can narrow down your choice using the filters and select among the ones available.

Snoopverse Early Access Pass Available Snopp Dogg

Snoop Dogg Snoopverse Early Access Pass is available to buy at from Sandbox Marketplace section: Join from here: Access Sandbox Marketplace 


The Doggies NFT collection is a dream with unwinding potential. Snoop Dogg has been personally vested in this project, providing better hope for the future. Holding this NFT in your wallet opens up different doors in the Sandbox metaverse, allowing one to explore the different sights of the metaverse. And a chance to be featured in one of Snoop Dogg’s musical videos makes it even better!

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