Clear Channel Communications owns more than 1200 radio stations. They stream more than 750 stations online. So why are there only 12 stations on their new iPhone app iheart radio?
Everything about iheart radio is extremely straightforward. Choose a station and almost immediately it begins playing. Most songs on iheart radio are accompanied by cover art and some include a link to get lyrics. It’s simple and, for people that like radio, it’s brilliant.
iheart radio is the same as listening to fm — you get commercials and no skipping songs allowed. However, there’s also the upside of radio — djs and local flavor.
iheart radio is on the right track. Everything works and I didn’t experience any crashing. My disappointment is over selection. Clear Channel is one of the largest radio networks in the nation and they can only offer up 12 stations? It’s embarrassing.
If your a fan of one of the stations, then iheart radio could be your new favorite app. But if not, then wait for until Clear Channel adds to the roster. Oh, and to all the iPod Touch users, you’re out of luck. According to our research, iheart radio is iPhone only.
I’ll leave iheart radio on my phone for a bit. Perhaps the next update will make me have a change of heart.